Suntech Showcases Lightweight Module at the 2018 Solarex Istan-bul

Solarex Istanbul is the first and only solar energy fair which provides a chance for Turkey to take important steps in the direction of being a production centre in the field of solar en-ergy.

With special glass and frame, the weight of lightweight module reduces by 30% compared to standard modules. The thickness of the glass is only 2mm, which is convenient for installing and suitable for rooftop applications. The 2 addition rib reinforcements design makes the module stronger on compression resistance. The Lightweight Module is certified to withstand wind (3200 Pascal) and snow loads (3800 Pascal). Comparing to the conventional lightweight module, it contains higher safety factor.

In 2017, PV installed capacity increased by 217% in Turkey with high growth rate. Rapid economic growth requires a large amount of energy supply. The new energy is regarded as the safest and clean energy. According to the prediction, Turkey will become the third largest PV market in the future in Europe .Small PV Projects will develop also rapidly due to good policy. Suntech modules entered into PV market in Turkey in 2017.Nowadays Suntech has established and started stable cooperation with partners in Turkey,we will also strengthen the relationship with the local partners, deepening the development of cooperation mode, widening the construction of cooperation channels, lighting up each corner with clean energy in Turkey.


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