Higher Energy Density,more reliable technology

Ultra V solar module

Large format 182 mm silicon wafers with module efficiency up to 21.3%

Suntech Ultra V module adopts 182 mm silicon wafer, increases the wafer size, optimizes the layout profoundly and decreases the invalid power generation area.

Improve the energy density of the module with high-density cell interconnect technology

high-density cell interconnect technology on Ultra V module, which can shorten distance between the cells and decrease the invalid power generation area greatly and improves the energy density of the module.

The use of flexible special welding strip can mostly assure the reliability of the welding process between the cells, to improve the yield of the product effectively.

Lighter and thinner, more than 15% weight reduction

Suntech has particularly optimized structure design and own the exclusive patent. The module weighs 24.4 KG, 15% lower than the products of the same specification.

Using 2.5 mm-thick fully tempering glass combined with the specially optimized module structure design, the mechanical load capacity is greatly improved. When the load reaches +5400 / -2400 pa, the maximum stress of module structure is reduced by 23% compared with conventional structure design, the maximum deformation is reduced by 37%, and then avoid the risk of micro crack loss.

With MBB and Half-Cell technology, the maximum power breaks through 590 W+

Suntech Ultra V module adopts multi-busbar technology. More busbars of the cell decrease the current transverse propagation path by 50%, effectively reduce the internal loss, and improve the module power.

The half-cut cell design can decrease the power loss by the shadow effectively. The optimized circuit design not only realizes the maximum power output but also assures the reliability of the modules.

Lower cost, higher ROI

The large format Ultra S products decrease the non-silicon cost during the production, so increase the profit of each production sector. Ultra S products also decrease the system cost/watt during the power station building and bring extra profit for modules, finally the customers get more profit by it.