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Ultra X Pro, as Suntech’s new upgraded series designed for the utility market, uses N-type TOPCon high efficiency technology instead of PERC technology.

This series features 210mm large-size silicon wafers (D Type), offering higher efficiency, bi faciality, and lower degradation. It offers customers with a 15/30 years’ product warranty, making it the cost-effective choice for large-scale power plant projects.

210 mm large silicon wafers, high efficient TOPCon cells

Using 210 mm large-size high-efficiency TOPCon cells, with a maximum power output of up to 720W+, primarily targeting large-scale utility projects, it can provide customers with a reliable and efficient energy solution.

Zero LID, 30-year power warranty

N-type phosphorus-doped silicon wafers without boron-oxygen complexes, along with excellent hydrogen passivation technology, can achieve zero LID. The power warranty can reach 30 years, with less than 1% degradation in the first year, ensuring that the output power after 30 years is not less than 87.40% of the original output power.

High bifaciality, low temperature coefficient, help achieve lower LCOE

TOPCon products have a maximum bifaciality of up to 85%, which is more than 10% higher than PERC. The increase in bifaciality brings about a gain of 0.8-1.2% in power generation. Additionally, it has a lower temperature coefficient (only -0.29%/°C), which results in a smaller decrease in power generation in high-temperature environments, maintaining a higher power generation efficiency and helping achieve a lower LCOE.