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Suntech Showcases High Strength Double Glass Module at the 2018 Cisolar in Ukraine

Cisolar focuses on the emerging markets of solar energy industry in Europe. In the past 7 years, it has been gathering stakeholders whose interests are related to solar energy projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

With implementing glass design instead of backsheet, it prevents aging problem caused by UV, water permeability, sand abrasion, etc. Double glass structure is designed to withstand harsh environment such as high RH, and high temperature, e.g. desert, coastline and fishpond, etc. With frame design, it effectively enhances the module resistance up to wind 3800 Pa, snow load 5400 Pa. Distributed junction box design can simplify circuit of module and system, save system line cost by 4%. This module has passed IEC 61215 10.17 hail test with 12-year product warranty and 30-year linear performance warranty. Sustainable performance can bring higher economic efficiency and faster return on investment to customers.

“As an emerging PV market, Ukraine has free trade system,fast market access, and good investment environment. It is predicted the share of renewable energy in the energy structure will increase from 4% to 25% in Ukraine by 2035”said Mr. Shuangquan He, the president of Suntech,“Renewable energy develops rapidly in China. Suntech is a leading Chinese PV enterprise, weare aim to develop pv market in Ukraine, light up the life by sunshine, and make people’s life better by using green energy.”


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