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Suntech Hosted its European Sales Confe-rence 2018 in Milan

The exhibition -- MCE opened on March 13, is a well-known glob-al exhibition about solar energy and related fields. More than 10,000 professionals from 50 countries attended the exhibition. There are over 2,000 leading manufac-turers, service providers and suppliers.

Compared to conventional Jboxes, the second generation Maxim smart module uses an integrated intelligent Jbox. The intelligent Jbox uses built-in IC to optimize power output. The built-in IC is a shunt impedance to reduce the power loss caused by current mismatch when the modules are under shade. It also avoids negative consequences of mismatch caused by shading, soiling, aging, inappropriate house orientation, etc. Best-in-class shade tolerance by performing MPPT on individual cell-strings will maximize energy harvest. The elimination of hot spots results in minimized panel degradation. Under shading conditions, smart modules increase current and decrease voltage in an appropriate level, which leads to increase 30% of the standard power output in the best situation. This enables a 20% tighter row pitch at the same energy production per panel, which can effec-tively increase power output. At the same row pitch, it can enable 3% more energy output per panel than conventional panels.

“Smart modules are more than just conceptual products. We should not only bring innovative technology into the modules, but also enhance the practical experiences to customers,” said Mr. Shuangquan He, President of Suntech. “The European market is one of the most important markets to us. Suntech continues to provide service for the European market. The company has made great progress in expan-sion, product technology and brand reputation. We will focus on Germany’s stable demand and a couple of emerging markets like Holland, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine. We will expand production, with half cell modules and poly silicon PERC modules to meet European customer’s needs. Suntech will speed up overall management of European businesses, complete the organization of the subsidiary company in Germany, strengthen the efforts of project developments and maintain strategic partnerships to lay a solid basis for the company’s global vision.”


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