Suntech Officially Joins the United Nations Global Compact and China Business Climate Action

Suntech Officially Joins the United Nations Global Compact and China Business Climate Action
Recently, Suntech had officially joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the China Business Climate Action (CBCA) to take positive actions for renewable energy enterprises to be socially responsible and promote global sustainability development.

The United Nations Global Compact is part of the United Nations Secretariat and the largest international organization to promote the sustainable development of enterprises with more than 160 participating countries, 13,000 enterprise members, and 3,000 associated members. Members are committed to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment, and anti-corruption practices. Members will report annually their progress and support the broader goals of the United Nations.

The China Business Climate Action (CBCA) was launched in September 2019 during the Global Climate Action Summit. It is a voluntary movement initiated by industry associations, non-government organizations, and research institutions. From its inception, the CBCA actively launched initiatives in all sectors of the society by calling on industry associations and chambers of commerce to lead and drive the reduction of carbon emissions, green transformation, and innovation along the entire industrial chain and cluster. CBCA also calls on industrial and commercial entities to integrate climate change into their development strategies and corporate social responsibilities. Enterprises are to actively promote sustainable business practices and provide solutions to climate problems. They should strive to become a model for climate change and help to drive and steer the industry towards common goals.

The rapid development of the economy and worsening environmental problems have increasingly gained the public’s attention. The development towards a high-quality industry needs to go hand in hand with economic and ecological development. Industries must actively adopt green practices and move towards a lower carbon footprint. Enterprises need to cultivate and lead the change towards low-carbon and sustainable operations which are socially responsible. Suntech, being a leader in the renewable energy industry, has established the corporate mission of “Charging the earth for a better future”. In these twenty years, Suntech had always planned for the future. Its mission continues to be to improve the efficient use of energy and continue to develop means to save energy and reduce wastages.

By officially joining the UNGC and CBCA, Suntech has taken a firm step towards using solar power generation to promote energy reforms, energy conservation, and reduction in emission in line with the United Nation’s sustainability development. In the future, Suntech will actively fulfill its responsibilities as a member of the organizations, take the initiative to assume its corporate duties, and spare no effort to deliver green energy to thousands of households and illuminate every corner of the world with clean energy!

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