Exhibition Express | Suntech Shows at SNEC 2021

Exhibition Express | Suntech Shows at SNEC 2021
The 15th International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition (SNEC 2021) is held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from June 3rd to 5th. As the world-leading manufacturer of high-performance products, Suntech exhibits various exciting products and modules.
Upcoming New High-Performance Products

During this exhibition, Suntech is unveiling eight new products. Suntech strives to address the needs of the world’s customers and pave the way for future product developments while facilitating the realization of future products.

Due to the white-hot competition within the industry, Suntech continues to strive for lower costs and improve the efficiency of high-performance modules. In the exhibition, Suntech is unveiling its futuristic N-type TOPCon modules, which can achieve up to 24% module conversion efficiency, and 620W power output with its high-density encapsulation technology. Furthermore, Suntech TOPCon modules utilize the bifacial design which increases the light-reception area by up to 80%. The back side of the module can achieve up to 25% of the output electricity, which enables higher electrical generation for the customer. The double glass design product can be customized based on the local environments to have a transparent backsheet to achieve high transparency and effectively resist PID effects. The N-type TOPCon modules have a 30% weight reduction compare to the double glass modules, which leads to savings in installation and energy costs. The utilization of N-type wafers enables the module to greatly reduce photoaging. The first-year power degradation is reduced to 1.5%. This provides the customer with a far more reliable product.

Apart from the bifacial TOPCon modules, Suntech has simultaneously utilized the 24% efficient high conversion TOPCon battery designed with BIPV modules. The fully black modules feature a seamless exterior design that perfectly replaces the traditional design for rooftop installation resulting in significant weight reduction. The weight reduction increases the mechanical load capacity and can handle negative pressures of up to 4,000 Pa and positive pressures up to 6,000 Pa. It can effectively resist micro-crack losses and enhance the reliability of the modules. Furthermore, it is water-resistant, heat resistant, and anti-glare which enhances safety. This satisfies the modern-day expectations for building materials to strike a balance between ecology and aesthetic requirements.

At the current exhibition, Suntech unveils its latest upgraded Ultra series of high-performance modules. The Ultra S, Ultra V, Ultra X series products include 166mm, 182mm, and 210mm large size cells in the pursuit of higher efficiency and higher conversion rates which delivers higher overall performance. Suntech has overhauled its modular design to drastically reduce its weight to deliver high-quality, stable, and reliable products. The improved high-efficiency Ultra series come with the high-density encapsulation technology, non-destructive cutting technology, multi-busbar and other industrial production techniques to reduce the internal flaws within the module, reduce the risks of hot spots, increase electrical generation, and other benefits to provide the customer with the lowest LCOE solutions.


During the exhibition, Suntech displays its entire range of products and invites industry experts to participate to provide a memorable experience to the visitor. The Suntech team provides personalized interpretation to customers. Suntech is attentive to all customer’s needs and endeavors to satisfy the various customer’s unique requirements. Suntech will continue to improve its product’s stability and reliability to build upon the brand recognition through excellent service to existing customers while building trust with new customers through new projects.

What deserves attention is the unveiling of Suntech’s official online marketplace, “SunMart”. This would be Suntech’s B2C platform which enables the end customer to participate. “SunMart” would be introduced to everyone during the exhibition before going online. Visitors can experience the aesthetically designed products which are “Green, eco-friendly, harmonious, beautiful” and other design concepts. “SunMart” will be a platform for technical, aesthetics, harmonious designs that are multicultural and enhances the concepts of healthy and sustainable living. It will become a platform for the enterprise to forge the close interaction between the brand and future generations.


2021 marks the 20th anniversary of Suntech. In recent years, Suntech has grown steadily from strength to strength. Through steady operations, Suntech had established before and after-sales service support worldwide. Sales had extended to over 100 countries and regions with more than 1500 preferred partners. Through the combined strengths of the Group, particularly at Wuxi, Changzhou, Indonesia, and other sites, the Group had accumulated 10GW+ highly efficient module manufacturing capacity. In April this year, Suntech officially started the construction of the 2GW TOPCon high-efficiency battery factory. It will become the first digital TOPCon High-Efficiency battery intelligent factory and showcase Suntech’s breakthrough in advanced production capacity.
In the future, Suntech will continue to improve and increase collaboration with the supply chain. It will consolidate the company’s strength in management, technology, capital, network, and brand. It will continue to raise Suntech’s brand recognition locally and internationally to enhance its competitiveness. Suntech will be devoted to servicing the global customers and satisfy the global industry’s demand for high quality and high-efficiency products.


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