Exhibition Express | Suntech Appears in Solar Solutions International 2021

Exhibition Express | Suntech Appears in Solar Solutions International 2021
During September 28 to 30, Solar Solutions International 2021 was held in Haarlemmermeer Expo Park of the Netherlands. Suntech showed a variety of hot selling products in the largest solar energy trade exhibition of northwest Europe.

The stable development of world solar market requires higher standards on energy reservation, intelligent products, and continuously iterative solar new technology. As the largest solar exhibition in northwest Europe, with more than 250 exhibitors, 80 speakers, and 100 seminars, Solar Solutions International focuses on PV market and technology for the joint discussion of world future of sustainable energy source production.

In this exhibition, Suntech has brought four products that meet the mainstream market demand: Ultra V series 575W mono half-cell module, Ultra V series 570W mono half-cell bifacial module, Ultra V Pro mini series 435W half-cell N-type module, Ultra V Pro mini series 430W mono half-cell all-black module. Among them, Suntech’s N-type TOPCon module products, based on the TOPCon battery with conversion efficiency up to 24%, can achieve 435W output. In addition, Suntech TOPCon module product is designed to be a bifacial version, with a backside rate of up to 80%, increasing the power generation by up to 25%.

In addition, Suntech also launches the all black module products designed on the basis of TOPCon battery with 24% high conversion efficiency. The elegant and exquisite all black module appearance with seamless splicing can perfectly replace the traditional roof and realize efficient power generation. It is a good choice for modern architecture to pursue the balance of ecology and aesthetics.

Benefiting from world-famous technical strength and brand influence, Suntech has attracted the attention of many visitors such as developers, EPC, investors and distributors. Suntech also has taken this opportunity to conduct continuous and in-depth exchanges with local customers. Starting from the high-quality PV market in the Netherlands, it has taken a step further in the process of globalization.

  • 690-710W HALF-CELL N-Type TOPCon BIFACIAL MODULE English


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