Exhibition Express | Suntech Appears in Intersolar Europe 2021

Suntech Appears in Intersolar Europe 2021
During October 6 to 8, the Intersolar Europe 2021 is held at the Fairground trade center. Suntech was an active player in the past exhibitions. In the event of this year, Suntech releases the core products, gaining the attention and recognition of overseas customers.

The Intersolar Europe 2021 is known as the world’s largest and most influential professional solar energy exhibition and trade fair to date, gathering almost all the internationally renowned companies in the industry to discuss the latest technology and future blueprint of the PV market. This exhibition attracts more than 800 exhibitors and 2,000 professional visitors, and provides a good platform for Suntech.

Suntech presents a variety of high efficiency modules at the exhibition, including Ultra V series 575 W mono half-cell module, Ultra V series 570 W mono half-cell bifacial module, Ultra V Pro mini series 435 W half-cell N-type module and Ultra V Pro mini series 430 W mono half-cell all-black module. In addition, the Ultra V series adopts 182 mm large size wafers and multi-grid half-cell technology, which greatly shortens the current conduction distance of the thin grids by more than 50%, reduces Rs loss and further increases module energy density.

Meanwhile, in order to enhance the competitiveness of products in the mainstream market, Suntech also launches the all black module products designed on the basis of TOPCon battery with 24% high conversion efficiency. The all-black module can withstand super high load of 6000 Pa snow load and 3800 Pa wind load, effectively avoiding the risk of micro crack. In addition, the waterproof, heatproof, anti-glare and other safety features make it a perfect replacement for traditional roofs while realizing efficient power generation. It is a good choice to pursue the balance of practicality and aesthetics.

Suntech has continued to participate in the Intersolar Europe for many years, and set up a German branch office in 2016 to continuously enhance the brand influence in the European market and to start the radiation and strategic deployment to the European PV market. In the future, Suntech will continue to explore the European market, enhance the vitality of the brand with better products and services, and create a green home for a better life for mankind.

  • 690-710W HALF-CELL N-Type TOPCon BIFACIAL MODULE English


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