Exhibition Express | Wuxi Suntech Appears in Solar & Storage Live 2021

Exhibition Express | Wuxi Suntech Appears in Solar & Storage Live 2021
Solar & Storage Live 2021 was held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, the United Kingdom, on 23 – 25 November, 2021. Focusing on the event topic “Bringing together the Solar, Storage & EV Industries to power the energy system of the future”, Wuxi Suntech showed the Ultra V series products at Solar & Storage Live 2021 and the products attracted intensive attention.

Solar & Storage Live is the UK’s largest renewable energy event focusing on future power, energy storage, EV industries, solar cells, etc. With the constant expansion of the UK’s solar energy industry, Solar & Storage Live provides an information sharing, technology display and business cooperation platform for numerous workers of the PV industry. Solar & Storage Live 2021 hosted over 150 exhibitors across the globe, and many professionals and scholars came from all over the world to the event to together discuss about the best approaches to the solar energy development.

At Solar & Storage Live 2021, Wuxi Suntech exhibited two mainly recommended products: Ultra V Pro and Ultra V Pro mini. The design of the 78 cells 182mm module was adopted for the Ultra V Pro module product. Based on the TOPCon battery with a conversion efficiency of over 24%, the Ultra V Pro module product with high-density encapsulation can be used to achieve the module power of 575 watts. With an elaborate design, the Ultra V Pro module product can be used to perfectly substitute for roofs and achieve the conversion efficiency as high as 22.3%. While the weight is reduced, the mechanical load-carrying ability is greatly increased. It can bear a negative pressure as high as 4,000 Pa or a positive pressure as high as 6,000 Pa, which can effectively avoid the sub fissure risk. Besides, the features of waterproof, heatproof and anti-reflective make the module as a high-quality choice for the sought balance between ecology and aesthetics of modern architecture.

Relying on the world-renowned technical strength and brand influence, Wuxi Suntech booth attracted extensive attention of the markets of various countries and the products were preferred by the markets. It is predicted that the demand of the British market for the PV system will continue to grow stably and the future cooperation space will be great. Wuxi Suntech will continue to steadily take each step for Global & Local and play a more significant role in the globalization process.

  • 690-710W HALF-CELL N-Type TOPCon BIFACIAL MODULE English


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