Suntech 2GW of TOPCon High-efficient Cells Put into Production in Wuxi/China

Suntech 2GW of TOPCon High-efficient Cells Put into Production in Wuxi/China
On January 24, Suntech held the launch ceremony for the 2GW of Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact (TOPCon) high-efficient cells smart factory. Mr. He Shuangquan, President of Suntech attended the ceremony.

Suntech has been committed to leading the development of advanced technologies in the solar industry. As one of the first leading PV companies that implements TOPCon technology in the industry, Suntech not only improves and surpasses advanced cell technology, but also plays an exemplary role in localizing equipment and building digital and smart factory of manufacturing. TOPCon as state-of-the-art technology can reach cell efficiencies >24 %, and will be used for solar modules for the key market segments (residential, commercial and large projects) and will be available in monofacial and bifacial solar modules of different size and voltage up to 1500V. As the main product in 2022, Suntech Ultra V Pro series modules adopt the TOPCon 182mm size cells, will have an outstanding performance and efficiencies, which reduce carbon emissions to obtain more power generation, and ultimately achieve the maximum customer revenue.

The TOPCon smart factory producing innovative PV cells on the whole line adopts the industry-leading digital smart factory solutions based on IoT technology, TOPCon turnkey whole line intelligent equipment and automatic production line feeding load and unload equipment based on atomic layer deposition (ALD) coating technology and screen printing technology, PV cell transfer unmanned automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology, and the flexible manufacturing system (FMS) running through the entire process. The production line is compatible with 182mm and >210mm cells. The production line, equipped with sensor technology and intelligent networked production machine technology, can automatically capture data and connect the monitors in real time, so as to truly realize the automatic link of production, logistics and storage. Equipped with visual data enhancement technology, it can test the product quality in real time to reduce defects and reworking while deducing and analyzing the root causes of product quality; equipped with big data analysis technology and intelligent control tower, it can reduce production costs, optimize operation efficiency and improve production value. In all, the digital TOPCon turnkey solution effectively enhances the differentiated competitiveness of the production line, improves the controllable feature of the production process and reduces the degree of manual intervention.

After several months of equipment installation, the cell production keeps raising, marking a major breakthrough in the N-type TOPCon technology in Suntech. At the launch ceremony, Mr. He Shuangquan, President of Suntech, said that he was honored to witness the completion of the high-quality, high-level and fully automated 2GW TOPCon cell production line. Starting from at a that point, Suntech will continue to adhere to quality and technology, build up the core competitiveness, and consolidate the basis for subsequent cooperation projects. With refined management and safe production as our goal, Suntech will lead the development of TOPCon cell technology in the industry.

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