Suntech High-performance Modules Power 150MW Fishery Project

Suntech High-performance Modules Power 150MW Fishery Project

In recent years, the fishery green ecological model has attracted much attention, which is an industrial model combining fishery aquaculture and solar photovoltaic power generation. Photovoltaic modules are set up above the fish pond to generate electricity, and the fish below the photovoltaic panels are cultured to achieve double benefits.

The project of 150MW, installed over fish ponds in Taishan in China’s Guangdong province, has been connected to the grid and continues to be used as a breeding ground for fish and shrimp. The climate in what is a marine mudflat location is particularly demanding for module safety and reliability, with the risk of potential induced degradation and corrosion of electrical components adding to already challenging conditions for installation and construction.

Suntech modules are specifically designed to overcome such environmental extremes, ensuring both high reliability and energy yield. The company’s C72 Pmh+ module can achieve an increase in rear-side power gain of up to 25% and significantly reduce LCOE, offering superior reliability and applicability for fishing, mudflat, floating and coastline scenarios.

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