Go Green | Suntech and Central SOEs Work Together to Promote the Upgrading of Traditional Power Industry in Inner Mongolia

The first batch of Suntech Ultra V 72 555W Glass-glass Bifacial Modules recently arrived in Inner Mongolia, adding a splash of Suntech’s iconic red to the Manglai Open-Pit Coal Mine Project of China National Coal Group Corporation (China Coal Group) in Sonid Left Banner.

Located in the northwest of the Xilin Gol League and on the northern border of China, Sonid Left Banner is an important wind-breaking and sand-fixation zone in China. With most of its land covered by grass, it faces with grassland degradation and desertification. Over the past few years, Sonid Left Banner has focused on the strategic “five major tasks” that the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region strives to advance, the “two leads and two excesses” goal and related requirements for establishing national major energy and strategic resource bases, and has adhered to the guidance of the “ecology first and green development” principle. It has actively planned for the construction of the coal power and new energy integration development demonstration base in Sonid Left Banner, western Xilin Gol League and has taken coordinated measures for the integrated development of the coal power industry and the new energy industry, forming a sound development pattern featuring the synergy and win-win cooperation of the modern energy economic system and ecological civilization construction.

Scientific and tailored design to combat desert environment

Considering the desert environment and the large temperature difference in Sonid Left Banner, Suntech chooses its Ultra V 72 555W Glass-glass Bifacial Modules, the high-efficiency photovoltaic module whose maximum power generation efficiency exceeds 21.5%. This module has advantages such as strong low light performance, low-temperature coefficient, sand resistance and wear resistance and adopts mature and reliable 182mm gallium-doped PERC cells, with a first-year attenuation rate of less than 2% and an annual attenuation rate of less than 0.45%. In addition, this module has an ultra-long linear power warranty of over 30 years and its bifacial power generation design further improves the project’s power generation capacity and reduces the cost per kilowatt-hour over the entire life cycle.

Work with central SOEs to promote the green energy transformation in Inner Mongolia

As early as June 2023, Suntech was listed as one of the first batch of candidates for the PV module procurement involving framework agreements of China Coal Group for the year 2023, and became the first and second successful candidates of P-type 182mm bidding and P-type 210mm bidding, winning the bid of 1.95GW capacity.

As a major backbone SOE managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), China Coal Group adheres to the development strategy of “improving the efficiency of the current business, developing new business and promoting enterprise transformation”, building and improving a high-quality development pattern with the coal industry as the cornerstone, the coal-based clean and efficient transformation and utilization industry and the comprehensive energy service industry as the two wings, and the strategic emerging industries including new energy as the important growth poles.

Suntech cooperated with China Coal Group for the first time in the Manglai Open-Pit Coal Mine Project in Sonid Left Banner, demonstrating its high professionalism in project management, supply chain management and on-site service. Under the high standards and requirements, and in line with the principle of focusing on client satisfaction, Suntech has not only delivered finished products within the time schedule but also rushed to the site timely to provide project services. China Coal Group fully recognises Suntech’s excellent service and hopes to develop closer cooperation with Suntech on more projects in the future, so as to achieve a win-win situation hand in hand.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, Suntech is committed to taking technology as the support and the market as the guidance and providing reliable products for every client. To repay the trust of its clients, Suntech will continue to launch quality products and provide quality services in the future.

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