Suntech Appears at Electricx & Solar-Tec 2018

On November 17(local time), Electricx & Solar-Tec 2018, a photovoltaic energy industry event launched by Informa Exhibitions in North Africa, kicked off its show at the Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition, designed to highlight Egyptian solar & electric power, lighting, and other sectors, attracts exhibitors from many countries each year. Suntech, an annually invited exhibitor, has drawn much attention, both inside and outside the industry, with its innovative products.

At this year’s exhibition, Suntech presented its advanced products and technologies, such as conventional polycrystalline module, monocrystalline half-cell module and bifacial module. The conventional module adopts anti-fouling and wear-resisting technology, and is suitable for the desert. It was the showcasing of bifacial module that especially appealed to the exhibition’s audience. Such kind of module, based on an advanced P-type double sided PERC technology, and the power generation can increase 25%. Furthermore, a 30-year linear performance warranty sets it apart from and above its competitors. All these advantages will surely make it a premier focus in the industry.

Another fascinating exhibit, monocrystalline half-cell module, drew much attention. This product boasts more available power, by 5W to 10W, than conventional products on the market. Another leading-edge feature is this product’s excellent PID resistance, which using half-cell technology, effectively reduces the internal resistance, hot spots and minimizes panel degradation. Its durable quality guarantees more sustainable performance in the most severe conditions such as scorching deserts, heavy-duty farm service, and salt-corroding coastlines. Suntech, a market leader in products and technologies, is in a solid position to gain market shares in the Middle East and North Africa.

As one of the more industrialized countries in Africa, Egypt has built a long-lasting friendship with China. Since December 2014, a comprehensive, strategic partnership has fostered a synergy between these two countries. This partnership has injected great momentum into the development of China-Egypt relations in this new era. Furthermore, the China-led Belt and Road Initiative has laid a solid foundation for China-Egypt cooperation in energy, transportation facilities, and other sectors. Additionally, Egypt is a nation that has been endowed with excellent geographical conditions. The average annual solar radiation there is 2,000-3,200kWh/m². In most places of the country, the annual illumination time is more than 2,400 hours. In such case, the installed-capacity of solar-thermal power generation is 140MW, and that of photovoltaic power generation is 20MW. This shows that the market potential in Egypt is virtually infinite.

Suntech, one of the first module manufacturers entering into the Egyptian market, has fully drawn on its excellent product quality and service capability. It works closely with ACO to continuously develop the local distribution market. Small and medium residential market shares 40% in Egypt, that wins No.1 in the photovoltaic industry. In May of this year, Suntech and Enerray S.p.A. launched a 116MW cooperative project in Egypt. It is a significant project that opened a new chapter for Suntech’s Egyptian market presence. As standing the test of time, high quality will show its worthwhile value. In the future, Suntech will turn sunlight into green energy, and help fashion a beautiful world utilizing the materials of science and technology.


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