Wuxi Suntech Attends Ecomondo&Key Energy 2018 Exhibition in Italy

The 2018 Green Technology and Environmental Protection Exhibition (Ecomondo) held at the Rimini Exhibition Center in Italy on November 6th, and in meantime held the Renewable Energy Exhibition (Key Energy), which is the leading fair for renewable energies in the Mediterranean Area. The exhibition covers a number of renewable energy fields such as photovoltaic power generation, wind energy, water energy, ocean energy and electricity. As one of the world's leading photovoltaic manufacturers, Wuxi Suntech was invited to participate in the exhibition.

Wuxi Suntech and the famous Italian distributor Coenergia Group are joint as co-exhibitor in the Key Energy exhibition. Suntech´s high-efficiency the half-cell solar module which attracted many customers’ high attention during the exhibition. It contains different ways of designing which is using the hybrid mode with series-connected and parallel-connected. With half-cell technology, the module power output can be maximum10W higher than the traditional design, and it reduces the system cost with the help of higher module power output. Under the condition with the same current and voltage, the internal current reduces to 50% of the traditional modules and the cell temperature decreases to 20~25℃ during operation, compared to the traditional design which alleviates the hot spot effect.

During the exhibition, Suntech´srepresentatives also attended and made the presentation on behalf of Suntech at the “SINO-ITALIAN”Forum, jointly organized by the Italian Ministry for the Environmental, Land and Sea (IMELS) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT), to share the information of the development and application prospects of photovoltaic power generation, which accelerate green energy sustainable development.

As one of the important photovoltaic markets in Europe, Italy has a stable demand for photovoltaic power. According to analysis, the growth trend of the Italian PV market has basically stabilized in the past three years, roughly 30MW per month, and the total new amount in 2018 is expected to be 300-360MW.

In 2018, under the more severe industry situation, Suntech relied on a good overseas market to actively deploying European and American PV markets, and constantly exploring emerging markets. Compared with 2017, overseas shipments of Suntech has been increased by more than 100%. In the future, Suntech will adhere to the original intention, through the continuous innovation of product technology and the active development of the global market, let green clean energy spread all of the world.

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