“Suntech Night” Comes to a Successful Conclusion in Cairo

On November 18(local time), Suntech hosted a "Suntech Night" at Marriott Hotel during Electricx & Solar-Tec 2018. Attending this party were more than 200 partners from multiple countries.

The dinner party began with a speech by Mr. Cao Xiaorong, vice president of Suntech. Mr. Cao, on behalf of the company, extended a warm welcome to all guests present. Since 2014, Suntech has been an active player in the Egyptian market. Small and medium residential market shares 40% in Egypt that wins No.1 in the photovoltaic industry. An Egypt-based, 116MW joint project with Enerray S.p.A in May this year was followed by providing the accumulative total of 210MW modules for ACO. In 2018, Suntech reached excellent performance figures in Germany, Portugal, Spain, India, Australia, Russia, etc. Its overseas market shipments rose by 100% over the same period in 2017. Mr. Cao said Suntech will stay true to its aspirations by continuing “Solar powering a green future”. It will strive for an enlarged market share in Egypt for photovoltaic products.

Mr. Bai Qili, product manager of Suntech, represented the company’s latest products and technology advantages to the cooperative partners present. Mr. Zheng Yi, sales director of the APMEA, introduced Suntech’s marketing strategies in Egypt and answered some questions. Then Egyptian and other local customers shared their views on previous cooperation with Suntech. They also spoke highly of Suntech’s products and services.

The band gave fantastic performance that added to the fun and joyousness of the party. Besides, when it approaches the end, luck draw pushed dinner party to a climax.Amid wonderful music and tasteful food, the guests and Suntech team had great fun together. This dinner party also allowed Suntech to have a close conversation with its Egyptian partners. In a word, it offered opportunities for deeper cooperation to meet the huge demand for photovoltaic products now and into the future.

The Great Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and the Nile river are all marvelous landmarks of Egypt. This country has had remarkable ancient and modern civilizations. Today, Egyptians are fighting for their homeland’s prosperity and development. For Suntech, relying on its 18 years of experience, it has been committed to its worthwhile aspirations and endeavors, thus growing into a leading-edge photovoltaic enterprise. Suntech will definitely win trust from its loyal customers around the world through continuous innovation and excellent management.

Whomever has drunk the waters of the Nile will surely revisit Egypt, so whomever has embraced Suntech will embrace it again!


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