Suntech Achieves French Carbon Footprint PPE2 Certification TOPCon Modules Set New Low in Carbon Footprint Certification

Suntech Achieves French Carbon Footprint PPE2 Certification TOPCon Modules Set New Low in Carbon Footprint Certification
Recently, Suntech's TOPCon modules obtained French carbon footprint certification, setting a new industry record for domestic supply chain carbon footprint certification with a low value of 376.1kg eq CO2/kWc!
This certification serves as recognition of Suntech’s enduring commitment to cultivating eco-friendly factories, bestowing a low-carbon edge in venturing into global markets, and infusing robust momentum into the company’s global strategic endeavors.

Currently, carbon footprint certification has become the “green passport” for photovoltaic enterprises to enter the international high-end market. The French photovoltaic market has always been renowned globally for its strict entry requirements, with the French “carbon footprint certification” being particularly challenging to obtain. This certification, implemented by the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), is the most authoritative carbon footprint-related certification for photovoltaic projects of and above 100kW entering the French market. As a certification system aimed at assessing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout a product’s lifecycle, this certification is based on principles of science, fairness, and transparency. It involves tracking the entire process of raw material procurement, production, transportation, and emissions to ensure that products are effectively evaluated.

In the face of new market thresholds, competitively positioned carbon footprint products will become a key element for photovoltaic enterprises to seize the initiative in the global market competition. Suntech’s TOPCon modules have consistently maintained a leading position internationally due to their advanced technological advantages and strong research and development capabilities. As one of the early adopters of N-type TOPCon technology in the country, Suntech has further focused on developing this technology based on years of research and development accumulation. In November 2022, Suntech introduced the Ultra V Pro series products based on 182mm solar cells. This series includes three major models: 54, 72, and 78, covering a wide range of applications such as ground-mounted solar farms, commercial and industrial distributed systems, and residential distributed scenarios. In May 2023, Suntech launched a new high-efficiency lightweight TOPCon glass-glass module suitable for rooftop solar installations. In November of the same year, at the 15th Chinese Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition (CREC), the H66-Nsh+ rectangular silicon cell module made its debut, adding another brick to the wall of efficient N-type photovoltaic modules. Through continuous technological research and innovation, Suntech has pushed the boundaries of product performance in all aspects. By the end of this year, it is expected that the highest production efficiency of N-type TOPCon cells could reach 26.5%.

“Solar powering a green future”! As a pioneer in green energy, Suntech has always been guided by the goal of achieving low-carbon targets, actively responding to the national call for building green manufacturing facilities. In the future, Suntech will continue to lead the photovoltaic industry in green and sustainable development, deepen technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and contribute to the green development of China’s photovoltaic industry.

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