Authoritative Experiment | Suntech Invited to Participate in the Annual Data Conference of the World’s First National PV and Energy Storage Experimental Project

Authoritative Experiment | Suntech Invited to Participate in the Annual Data Conference of the World’s First National PV and Energy Storage Experimental Project
On March 28, 2024, the 2023 Annual Data Conference of the China National PV and Energy Storage Experimental Platform (Daqing Base) (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”) was held in Beijing, and Suntech was invited to participate in the conference.

Xie Xiaoping, director of the Platform’s academic committee, introduced the 2023 experimental data from seven perspectives, namely, the meteorological environment, modules, inverters, brackets, energy storage products, PV systems and PV energy storage systems. With the Platform being the world’s first outdoor PV and energy storage experimental platform, the data released will provide scientific basis and empirical research for the state and the industry to formulate industrial policies and technical standards and build new energy systems, which is of great significance in promoting the industry’s technological advancement, transformation and industrial development.

The Platform has a total investment of RMB 6 billion, including five phases of construction. With a total planned investment of RMB 5.73 billion, the Platform is invested and constructed by SPIC Huang he Hydropower Development Co., Ltd, and the SPIC PV (Energy Storage) Innovation Center is responsible for the planning, designing, and data collection, analyzing, integrating, and releasing after the completion of the Platform. On April 21, 2021, Suntech Power took the lead in the 200MW project of SPIC, and took 122MW of the order. As a supplier of high-efficiency PV modules, Suntech has been deeply involved in this project. During the whole module delivery period, the raw material price was surging, the road condition of the project site was bad, and it was unprecedentedly difficult to deliver products. Under such circumstances, Suntech’s leaders attached great importance to the project and held an urgent meeting to ensure the supply. Ultimately, with the efforts of all the staff, 122MW bifacial glass-glass high-efficiency modules were delivered within the stipulated period, ensuring that the project was connected to the power grid.

Suntech has been committed to going global. Participating in the Daqing experimental project is a great achievement of Suntech during its penetration into the domestic market. Suntech modules once again demonstrate its advantages such as high performance, high compatibility, and cost-effectiveness through projects of state and central enterprises. This project adopts Suntech 535W bifacial glass-glass high-efficiency modules, which are used in fixed bracket and tracking bracket arrays, exhibiting the high compatibility of Suntech modules. In terms of performance, the Suntech Ultra V series adopts gallium-doped cells, with a first-year attenuation of no more than 2%, and an ultra-long linear performance warranty of 30 years. At the same time, the excellent low-temperature resistance and mechanical performance ensure the stable operation of the modules in the severe cold, snow and ice weather at the Daqing Base.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance PV products, Suntech always adheres to the development mission of “Solar powering a green future”, actively responds to the national “dual-carbon” strategic goals, and practices corporate social responsibility.

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