Suntech’s PV Module Obtained Authoritative Certification by Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan Again

Suntech’s PV Module Obtained Authoritative Certification by Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan Again
Recently, the Tokyo Government in Japan released a list of products with excellent performance, including four types of household modules from Suntech. This certification has been issued annually since 2023, and companies that obtain it can receive government subsidies. Suntech has been certified for two consecutive years.

In order to increase the utilization rate of renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change, the Tokyo government stipulates that starting from April 1, 2025, new residential buildings must be equipped with solar power generation systems. In addition to such rigid requirements, the Japanese government has also adopted product standards and provided financial incentives such as subsidies to further promote the popularization of household solar power generation equipment. The excellent performance product certification issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government this time is one of the measures.

The highlight product certified this time is the new household module STP230S-C20/Nshm+, which is equipped with mainstream N-type TOPCon cells and adopts a glass-glass design to improve the sealing effectiveness. STP230S-C20/Nshm+, as a product developed by Suntech for the Japanese region ad hoc, is outstanding not only for its power generation performance but also for its load-bearing performance. Japan is a snowy country, with snow depth in Hokkaido and other areas up to half a meter or more in winter. The snow problem has caused difficulties in the installation of modules, which has long been troubling local installers. Suntech’s new product STP230S-C20/Nshm+, which can withstand the weight of up to 200 centimeters of snow, has aroused a great deal of interest among most Japanese large-scale builders as soon as it was introduced.

For the whole year of 2023, the total installed capacity in Japan has reached 7GW, of which 1.3GW is residential rooftop PV capacity. Among a host of traditional Japanese brands, Suntech stands out, with its residential rooftop PV market share ranking in the Top 5 for many consecutive years, developing over 20-year cooperative relationships with many local construction companies.

Attaching great importance to and pursuing product quality and reliability, Suntech continuously invests in and upgrades products for better performance and quality of modules to cater to the needs of customers, thus bringing higher value to customers. Suntech’s technical center in Nagano, Japan has a professional technical team that specializes in creating reliable and effective clean energy solutions for local customers. At the same time, the technical center also has an after-sales service team to ensure the long-term stable operation of every piece of PV modules sold.
Obtaining the Certification for Products with Excellent Performance by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan indicates the international market’s recognition of Suntech’s deep involvement in the PV module market. In the future, Suntech will continue to increase investment in product upgrading and R&D, actively improve product performance and quality, develop overseas markets, accelerate the globalization layout, and provide global customers with better-quality PV products and solutions!

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