Suntech’s C54 Module Series Obtain Italian Class 1 Fire Certification

Suntech’s C54 Module Series Obtain Italian Class 1 Fire Certification
Recently, Suntech’s Ultra V Pro series C54Nshkm+ and C54 Nshtb+ glass-glass PV modules have successfully passed a series of stringent tests and obtained the highest level (Class1) fire certification for the Italian market, which demonstrates the high quality and reliability of Suntech’s products.

Italy’s fire certification standard, UNI9177 (from class 1 to class 5, with 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest), is considered to be the “most difficult” fire certification to pass in Europe. In order to avoid accidents such as the “Notre Dame fire”, the Italian Cabinet has been particularly strict on the safety and fire standards of PV modules as part of a building. It’s demanded that factors such as the resistance of the component’s surface to flame and the fire reaction of the component exposed to the action of an igniting flame in the presence of radiating heat should be comprehensively considered. Based on the results of these tests, scores are assigned, determining the fire rating of PV modules. Only when a PV module achieves a grade 1 score under both UNI8457 and UNI9174 standards can it be categorized as level 1 under the UNI9177 standard and obtain the Class 1 Fire Certification from the Italian Cabinet Fire Department.

In recent years, with the wide application of PV power generation, more and more safety issues have begun to emerge, among which the fire issues for PV power generation systems, especially the fire issues for building-integrated distributed power generation systems, should especially attract the attention of the industry. Obtaining this certification means that Suntech’s C54 glass-glass modules meet the highest safety standards in terms of fire risk.

Driven by favorable policies such as the dual-carbon target and energy saving and emission reduction, Suntech insists on promoting development through technology and providing clients with quality products. Every new product of Suntech sets off a new trend in the industry. The release of the new high-efficiency lightweight TOPCon glass-glass module indicates that Suntech has gotten ahead of the curve in the future market competition, and has once again become the promoter of technological innovation and industrial upgrading. As for rooftop photovoltaics, the era of glass-glass modules has officially begun!

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