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Suntech at UK Solar Storage 2022
On October 18, local time, the UK Solar Storage exhibition kicked off at the Birmingham International Convention and Exhibition Center, and Suntech put a variety of TOPCon modules on display, which attracted many visitors.

It is reported that the UK Solar Storage is held once a year. In 2022, the exhibition area reaches 11,000 square meters and about 24,000 people arrived. With 400 exhibitors and their brands, it is the largest renewable energy exhibition in the UK.
Suntech’s products exhibited at its booth include Ultra X 210 series 700W+ ultra-high power module, Ultra V 182 series 580W double-sided dual-glass module, 415W distribution market module, and 430W dual-glass all-black aesthetic module. The 580W double-sided dual-glass module is integrated with 182mm Type N monocrystalline silicon wafer, the application of the new passivation contact effectively reduces the surface and metal contact recombination, and the conversion efficiency of TOPCon cells is above 25% without LID; the maximum double-sided ratio of the module is as high as 85%m, the backside power generation gain can reach 30%, and it can effectively absorb front incident light, back reflected light and scattered light and output abundant power.
In the beginning of 2021, the UK launched a carbon emission trading program to lower the emission limit year by year, and it is expected that a total of 40GW of photovoltaic systems will be deployed in early 2030. As one of the earliest new energy companies to enter the European photovoltaic market, Suntech took the lead in layout and made steady efforts. Over the years, Suntech has been well recognized by many partners in the European market. It won the honorable title of “EUPD Top Photovoltaic Module Brand 2022 in the UK, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland”. Stand the test of time. In the future, Suntech will further practice its global brand strategy of “Global + Local”, lead the development of cutting-edge technologies in the industry, and facilitate the realization of the global “dual-carbon” goal with high-quality and efficient module products!
The exhibition will last until October 20, local time. Welcome to visit and negotiate at the Suntech Booth D1 at the Birmingham International Convention and Exhibition Center, UK.


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