Industry Recognition | Suntech Awarded as “Top Performer in PV Module Reliability” for 5 Consecutive Years

Industry Recognition | Suntech Awarded as "Top Performer in PV Module Reliability" for 5 Consecutive Years
On May 17 (EDT time), PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) released the 2022 module supplier scorecard list. Suntech has been ranked as the "Top Performer in PV Module Reliability" for the fifth consecutive year.

As a global leading lab for the reliability and performance tests of PV modules, PVEL provides authoritative and professional data for module clients in an effort to advance solar technologies. Its Product Qualification Program (PQP) serves as a key reference for the data of long-term stability and performance in the industry. Suntech’s Ultra V and Ultra V mini series have been listed as “Top Performer” in multiple test programs, demonstrating its long-standing commitment to high quality and reliability.

With more than 20 years of experience in the PV industry, Suntech maintains strict standards to product quality thanks to its stringent manufacturing process and quality inspection. Each of its modules have undergone 52 processes of quality inspection, two 100% EL tests to ensure sustainability in harsh conditions such as heat, strong winds, ice and snow, and saline water. Suntech’s processes guarantee the reliability, conversion efficiency and life cycle of all modules. Being ranked as the “Top Performer in PV Module Reliability” for five consecutive years demonstrates the industry’s recognition of Suntech’s quality and reliable products. Time will tell that it is the right choice. Looking forward, Suntech will keep its promise to quality, and lead the industry in the development and application of new technologies. It is dedicated to delivering efficient and high-quality products for clients across the world to help them achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

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