20th Anniversary of Suntech’s Entry into the German Market | Intersolar Europe is Successfully Held

20th Anniversary of Suntech’s Entry into the German Market | Intersolar Europe is Successfully Held
The Intersolar Europe is successfully concluded on May 13 (local time). In the exhibition, Suntech’s products were hailed and recognized by many of its clients.

As one of the early adopters of new energy, Germany has been increasing its installed photovoltaic capacity and is expected to supply 100% of its power from renewable resources by 2035. The installation costs have been reducing every year as advanced technologies keep reiterating and being innovated. With competitive advantages in many aspects, solar power that is harnessed alongside the conventional energy sources is reaching the rapid development stage.

Suntech entered the German PV market in 2002 and was one of the first Chinese companies to establish presence in Germany. It has established Suntech Deutschland GmbH and European Customer Service Center, providing convenient and efficient services before, during and after sales. The comprehensive service experience is accessible in the entire life cycle of the modules. Suntech modules have been installed at many locations in Europe thanks to its many years of experience in the industry.

From the initial small modules with 2 busbars to large modules with multi-busbar technology, Suntech has come a long way. The European market has witnessed the growth of Suntech, which has also won numerous important clients in Europe. It also gained much acclaim and recognition from its clients around the world, and listed as the top PV brand in Europe by EuPD and TIER1 module supplier by Bloomberg. With the local office set up in Germany, Suntech can serve efficiently for clients from across the Europe with no delay. It is committed to “Global + Local” strategic development concept by improving global presence and local sales service system. Time will tell that it is the right choice. Guided by the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals as well as the Paris Agreement, Suntech will grasp the opportunity to constantly make innovations. In every step it takes, Suntech enhances its brand influence and contributes to the world’s green ecosystem.

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