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Exhibition Express | Suntech Shows at Intersolar Europe

Exhibition Express | Suntech Shows at Intersolar Europe
The Intersolar Europe was unveiled at Messe München on May 11 (local time). Suntech showed up with a variety of blockbuster products, attracting many visitors and clients at its stall to request for more information.

With more than 20 years of history, Intersolar Europe is the world’s largest exhibition specializing in solar power with the most influence in the industry. Covering an area of around 100,000 square meters, the exhibition gathers numerous renowned enterprises, including about 1,450 exhibitors and exhibition brands, and around 50,000 visitors.

For this exhibition, Suntech presented 700W monocrystalline single glass module, 670W monocrystalline double-glass bifacial module from the Ultra X 210 series, 570W monocrystalline double-glass bifacial module from Ultra V 182 series, and 425W monocrystalline black module, among others. Specifically, the refreshing black module adopts 182mm large monocrystalline N-type silicon wafers. Thanks to the new passivated contact, the recombination between surface and metal has been diminished. With the cell conversion efficiency of over 24.5%, TOPCon has near zero-LID performance. The module is designed to withstand extreme snow loads (6000 Pascal) and wind (3800 Pascal), indicating its extended load resistance potential. The module’s temperature coefficient of power is as low as -0.30%/℃, with a degradation ≤ 1% in the first year, and the annual degradation starting from the second year is ≤ 0.40%. The power generation is estimated to increase by 27.9% during its entire life cycle. As such, it is highly expected in German and European markets with both the elegant look and practicability.

As one of the first PV enterprises to enter the German market, Suntech has been participating in Intersolar Europe for years, gaining excellent reputation among its broad client base. Following its “Global + Local” brand strategy, Suntech maintains its close ties with clients through its local office in Germany regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic. Time will tell that we made the right choice. Looking forward, Suntech will increase its investments to power a green future in Europe and the rest of the world.

The exhibition will be end by May 13 (local time), and we welcome everyone to join us at Suntech’s Stall A1.160 in Messe München.


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