Exhibition newsletter | Suntech attended All-Energy in Australia

Exhibition newsletter | Suntech unveiled at 2022 Australia All Energy Exhibition
On October 26th, local time, All-Energy Exhibition Australia 2022 kicked off at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. Suntech Power put a variety of high-efficiency modules on display, which were impressed and recognized by many of its clients.

With the backing of the Australian government, All-Energy Exhibition is the country’s largest and most anticipated clean energy event and dedicated to all sorts of clean and renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific area.

The efficient modules exhibited by Suntech Power in this exhibition include Ultra V, Ultra V Pro mini, Ultra X, Ultra X Plus. Ultra pro mini high-efficiency modules adopt n-type TOPCon cell technology. Compared with the traditional PERC technology, TOPCon cell technology has the advantages of high conversion efficiency, high bifacial ratio, low temperature coefficient, excellent low-light performance, etc., which can effectively bring high power generation gain and lower LCOE cost to customers. X series modules are 210-wafer 600W+ application solution of Suntech, among which the Plus series is a 66-cell bifacial module with the highest power of 670W and the conversion efficiency reach up to 21.6%, which is suitable for the application of ultra-large ground power stations.

Australia is a country with developed agriculture and animal husbandry, abundant natural resources, small population and wide land. Its light resources rank first in the world, and more than 80% of the ground light intensity exceeds 2000 kW/sq/h, which is suitable for large-scale solar energy development and utilization. The market potential of solar power generation is huge. At the same time, Australia is also the key strategic market of Suntech’s global distribution. Relying on the territorial advantages of Suntech Australia, Suntech has always maintained close cooperation with customers.

As one of the earliest PV companies to enter the Australian market, Suntech has participated in All-Energy Exhibition for many years, and won critical acclaim and praise from many customers. Stand the Test of Time. In the future, Suntech will consistently delivery photovoltaic products that excel in quality and reliability for global customers.

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