A Trendsetter in the N-type Era | Suntech Showcases New Ultra V Pro Product

A Trendsetter in the N-type Era | Suntech Showcases New Ultra V Pro Product
On November 17, 2022, Suntech unveils its new-generation Ultra V Pro high-power module in its booth at the 14th Chinese Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition (CREC). The high-grade, precision and advanced product elicits a strong response in the industry and receives wide recognition from industry experts and scholars.

The new-generation Ultra V Pro product is a high-efficiency module based on 182mm N-type TOPCon cell technology. By size and power, Ultra V Pro falls into three types in response to the diverse requirements of market segments and customers.

PERC cell, one of the leading products favored by customers, has recently hit a bottleneck in the conversion efficiency of mass-produced cells. Using the N-type TOPCon cell in its latest Ultra V Pro module, Suntech’s scientific research team makes a breakthrough and upgrade: TOPCon cell adopts the all-new surface passivation system and metallic contact system that maximize optical absorption and utilization by leveraging impeccable optical matching capacity; the N-type silicon wafer with longer minority carrier lifetime and mighty anti-attenuation capacity secures the cell’s superb compatibility with bulk materials. Laboratory data show that in the same testing environment, TOPCon cell is 1.5% more efficient than similar products with output efficiency as high as 25%.

For TOPCon cell production, Suntech adopts the PE process featuring “polishing before mild chemical etching” in back polishing, which effectively brings down costs while ensuring high production efficiency. As an industry pioneer in originating and putting the PE process into mass production, Suntech stringently reins in cell production, equipment, and technology. In 2021, Suntech inked a strategic cooperation agreement with Lead Intelligent Equipment, whereby the parties would invest in 2GW N-type TOPCon cell production. Suntech is one of the first leading photovoltaic manufacturers that cast eyes on TOPCon cell technology.

Built on the state-of-the-art digital factory solution, Suntech‘s smart factory for high-efficiency PV cell production with modern equipment, automated production, and the intelligent operation takes the lead in the industry. In relentless pursuit of innovation and exploration, Suntech anticipates a giant leap in TOPCon cell efficiency with boron diffusion technology reformed and upgraded in the future.


Upgrade Power Performance in All Respects with Breakthroughs Made in Key Technical Fields

Apart from higher efficiency attributable to the N-type cell, the Ultra V Pro module features unparalleled technical supremacy. With power performance upgraded in all respects, the Pro collection realizes a 3.74% gain in power generation.

Featuring a competitive temperature coefficient and low light performance, the Pro module remains invincible under various extreme circumstances: with roughly 1.5℃ lower operating temperature than any traditional component, the Pro component lowers high-temperature attenuation by over 1% and attains 1.374% gain from low-temperature power generation; and in low light environment, e.g., morning, evening or overcast rain, the Pro module scores as high as 0.17% gain from power generation. Bifacial panels represent 85% of the new component in the maximum, an over 10% increase from that of any traditional components. As a result, the gain from power generation peaks at 1.2%, as evidenced in the empirical power station test: after six months of comparison trials, the Ultra V Pro Series generates 3.83% more normalized power than any traditional product.

In cell manufacturing, an N-type phosphorus-doped silicon wafer is used to keep the product clear of the effects of the boron-oxygen compound. The top-notch mild process further improves the Pro component with much lower attenuation but longer quality assurance; its first-year attenuation is below 1%, and linear functions abate less than 0.4% on an annual basis. In the actual measurement, the Ultra V Pro product is verified to visually spark a rise in economic benefit for customers with a 3% lower BOS value and a 5% lower LCOE value.

Head at Full Throttle for an N-type Era

As a famous photovoltaic manufacturer in the world, Suntech is consistently committed to the research & development of neotype cell technologies and the improvement of cell-making procedures. General Secretary Xi Jinping noted at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we should advance the transition to a model of green development, work actively and prudently toward the goals of reaching peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, accelerate planning and establishing a new energy system, and promote harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature.

N-type TOPCon cell with overwhelming preeminence and groundbreaking module technology make the new Ultra V Pro a class-leading product. These modules are now delivered to domestic customers and shipped in volume to major markets such as Europe and Australia. In 2023, Suntech will establish 20GW high-standard neotype intelligent component production bases around the world, to align with various advanced technical production requirements. With these efforts, Suntech will continue to offer customers worldwide solar cell modules with high power, high quality, high performance, and great reliability.

Turn over a new leaf in the N-type era. Suntech vows to unswervingly work on quality assurance and technical advancement, build up core competence, and live up to the mission of low-carbon development, contributing to hitting the dual-carbon target.

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