Trust and Flexibility-Key Factors for 16 Years of Cooperation

Trust and Flexibility-Key Factors for 16 Years of Cooperation
Nowadays, in order to maintain the partnership Suntech Chairlady Ms. Wangshuiyun visited Mr. José Manuel Olea, Renovalia’s CEO in Madrid, Spain, along with Suntech General Manager of Europe and Americas Mr. Justin Yuan for the second quarter visit.

Renovalia Energy Group, S.L. is a company that specializes in the promotion, engineering, construction, production and sale of electricity generated through renewable energy sources (wind power, photovoltaic power, concentrated photovoltaic power, thermal solar power, and small hydropower) with a great mission and corporate social responsibility.

Since 2007, our cooperation has been building in more than 10 projects with a total of 706 MW calculative shipments. For example, a 79.2MW Photovoltaic Farm in El Bonal, Spain in 2020; and a 126MW Photovoltaic Farm in Guadalajara, Spain in 2023.

As the two leaders reached an agreement, “Trust and flexibility are the keys to the cooperation between the two sides for so many years”. Suntech has always been committed to improving module conversion efficiency, and continuously strengthening the R&D of new technologies and the improvement of production processes. Recognized by customers, Suntech wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality photovoltaic products, and is committed to becoming the most trusted photovoltaic company by customers. Suntech will also continue to innovate on the basis of high quality, high efficiency and low cost as always, provide global customers with green, clean, safe, reliable and competitive photovoltaic modules, and promote the health and sustainability of the industry development.

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