The lighter, the future | Suntech launches the brand-new high efficiency lightweight N-Type TOPCon glass-glass module!

The lighter, the future | Suntech launches the brand-new high efficiency lightweight N-Type TOPCon glass-glass module!
On May 24th, the launch event of Suntech’s new high efficiency Lightweight N-Type TOPCon glass-glass module, was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre under the theme of “The lighter, the future”. Shen Wenzhong, Director of the Institute of Solar Energy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Lv Fang, Secretary General of China Green Supply Chain Alliance PV Special Committee are invited to participate the unveiling of the new products.

The new glass-glass small panel module, which is a remarkable addition to the Ultra V Pro product series, is tailored for the commercial & industrial distributed projects and residential rooftops projects. Suntech’s presence at the 16th SNEC International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Conference was truly impressive and captivating.

The brand-new lightweight glass-glass module is a high-efficiency glass-glass module based on N-type TOPCon technology with 54 182mm mono-crystalline wafer cells. The incorporation of N-type silicon wafers enhances module performance by greatly reducing photogenic attenuation.

Suntech provides a 30-year linear warranty on its products, guaranteeing consistent power generation over time. Two rooftop photovoltaic systems provided by Suntech in a south-western German town have run for 16 years, and during the work life, power generation output has degraded by 1.9% and 2.9% respectively, which is far exceeding the warranty of less than 20% degradation in 25 years, according to the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS). The glass-glass design enhances application performance, offering increased agility, efficiency, intelligence, and reliability to meet the diverse requirements of various markets and provide customers with new options.

As a platform technology concept, the glass-glass technology is accompanied by cost reduction and efficiency technologies for cells, modules, and systems. This combination establishes a robust foundation for achieving substantial increases in power output and making high efficiency possible. With outstanding cell technology and leading manufacturing processes, the glass-glass modules can reach the power of 440W with a conversion efficiency of up to 22.5%, providing customers with more profits.

Glass-glass modules address key pain points and cover the full range of resistance properties. They offer exceptional advantages such as resistance to hidden cracks, acid and alkali, salt spray, water vapour, UV and PID. These modules achieve zero water penetration and prevent snow accumulation. In addition, with their strong load resistance and reliable quality, they exhibit remarkable durability and high stability, even in desert, farm, and coastal environments. They can withstand negative pressures of up to 3800 Pa and positive pressures of 6000 Pa. The utilization of a low pre-cross-linked, low melt finger double-glass, high-reflective white EVA efficiency solution, instead of the traditional glass glazing solution, allows for further enhancement of module power and provides an additional guarantee of reliability.

In recent years, rooftop PV has emerged as a prominent trend in household electricity consumption. In addition to the power generated, the compatibility of PV modules with roof-bearing weight and the overall aesthetics of the roof have become crucial considerations. Suntech’s new Ultra V Pro mini glass-glass modules feature a lightweight design with 1.6mm+1.6mm glass on both sides, resulting in a 20% weight reduction compared to similar-sized products in the industry. This lightweight construction enables a broader range of rooftop applications. The new glass-glass modules weigh as little as 21 kg, ensuring a lower module fragmentation rate and reducing the likelihood of scratches on the back side during installation while ensuring a much better user experience.

As a world-renowned photovoltaic company, Suntech has always been committed to the R&D of module technology and breakthroughs in production processes. The introduction of the new Ultra V Pro mini glass-glass module marks a significant milestone, opening up a new market for PV modules and introducing fresh perspectives on household rooftop power generation.

Embracing our mission and embarking on a new journey, Suntech remains dedicated to upholding quality technology, cultivating core competitiveness, actively fulfilling our low-carbon mission, and supporting the swift achievement of the dual-carbon goal. Moving forward, Suntech will persist in leading the green and sustainable development of the PV industry, deepening technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing, and making valuable contributions to the green development of China’s PV industry.

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