Suntech shortlisted for the Jiangsu Provincial AAA-Grade Quality Credit Enterprises

Recently, Jiangsu market supervision and Administration Bureau has released an announcement on the List of 2019 Jiangsu Provincial AAA and AA-Grade Quality Credit Enterprises, on which 55 AAA-Grade and 100 AA-Grade Enterprises are made public. A total of 5 Wuxi enterprises have been shortlisted for the AAA-Grade, Suntech is among them.

Quality is at the core of Suntech’s success. Regardless of fierce competition in cost, Suntech always adheres to offering high-quality solar modules that are made of top reliable materials by using advanced manufacturing processes. Each module has gone through 52 steps quality control and inspection process, and 2*100% EL test with a full HD 16 million pixel device. The most stringent quality inspection is carried out to ensure the reliability, conversion efficiency and service life of each module.

“Suntech are customer demand-oriented and will continue to improve its quality management system to ensure the quality and reliability. We look forward to make great progress in quality management and excellent performance management,” said Mr. Zhang Wei, Vice President of Suntech.

According to the credit rating system of industries enterprises, enterprises are divided into four grades: A, B, C and D. Grade A is further classified into AAA, AA and A grades, and Grade AAA is the highest in the credit system. The expert group for on-site quality inspection and leaders from Municipal Quality Development Center declared that Suntech meets the standard in terms of quality management system operation, quality assurance ability, quality basic status, quality competitive advantage, leadership, strategy, resources, process management and results, in accordance with the Quality Credit Evaluation of Industries Enterprises.

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