Suntech attend Oman Sustainable Energy and Technology Summit

The 2nd Edition Oman Sustainable Energy and Technology Summit was held on the 9th of December (local time) at the Crown Plaza Hotel Muscat. Suntech made a wonderful presentation at the summit with ASG, its local dealer.

Market Overview
Sultanate of Oman, is an Arab country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula,the whole area of Oman is tropical desert climate,its average daily solar radiation can reach 5.5-6kWh/m², the solar energy resource is fairly rich. Oman’s economic lies on the oil export, in order to ease the restriction of oil market on its economy in long term, the Oman government expects to increase 2.6GW of the installation amount of renewable energy in 2024, include PV, wind power and the waste. PV is the key developed project and it is expected to been installed 2.1GW during this period.

SUNTECH performance
Suntech attaches great importance to the solar market in Oman and its surrounding regions, keeps“Global & Local”as market concept, keeps on improving their global layout and building their localization sales and service system. Suntech and Oman well-known enterprise, ASG, signed strategic cooperation agreement this year, and they both show their powerful strength in capital and technology.

ASG belongs to SSW, a well know multinational group, it is an important trade and investment enterprises of Oman. ASG devoted itself into the infrastructure development, such as communications, aviation and power generation since founded in 1975. Following the guidance of government policies, PV industry has been served as a key development sector by ASG in recent years. Suntech’s cooperation with ASG provides it with not only high-quality and reliable PV module products, but also rich technical experience in developing Oman and the surrounding markets.

As an influential conference, Oman Sustainable Energy and Technology Summit focuses on the policy and rules of renewable energy projects of the region, aimed to the challenge and chance of solar energy for local area, attracted many representatives of relevant government agencies and industry professionals attended the summit.

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