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Suntech month-long series of events for quality under way

In early September, the 2019 "National Quality Month" event, "Made in Wuxi, Planning for Quality" was unveiled. Suntech organized positive coordination with the municipal publicity theme and simultaneously launched a month-long series of events for quality in the P2 cell plant and the P3 module plant.

Suntech’s month-long series of events for quality has been organized in 8 consecutive years. In the eight years, all employees of Suntech have been dedicated to satisfying customer needs and earning economic benefits at all time, focusing on improving product quality, and facilitating in-depth implementation of comprehensive quality management on the basis of full participation into quality management. The event was intended to promote the concept of full quality management and centers in management transformation of various departments.

With the experience from the events organized in previous years, Suntech emphasized more on the sense of participation of front-line employees, which was orientated to comprehensively improve the quality awareness and execution force of all employees of various posts in all plants, to enhance corporate cohesion and market competitiveness and consistently improve the brand image of Suntech.

With the theme of “Improve quality by focusing on the key issues and detailed management”, the P2 cell plant organized the events into 5 series:

1. VOC (Voice of customers), for acquiring customers’ comments and expected quality requirements in relation to our products;

2. Inspection and demonstration of the implementation of operation refinement in each department

3. Risk identification activity, exploration of risk points in relation to product quality

4. Manufacturing process abnormality improvement: A special team was established.

5. Popularity of quality knowledge, implementation of FMEA theory training.

With the theme of “Planning for Quality, Planning for Suntech Dream”, the P3 module plant organized in 4 series:

1. “Spot the Differences”: Search for defects in the current SOP documents to submit recommendations thereto

2. Special education: Conduct “Look-back” on 8D major quality abnormality cases

3. Quality knowledge contest: Knowledge of control plans in relation to sources of major quality risks

4. Online quiz through code scanning by mobile phone

Quality is the soul of Suntech. Zhang Wei, the vice president of Suntech, stated in the launch ceremony of the event that, quality must be considered from the source of progress, key nodes in operation and management must be controlled, and each detail must be refined and perfected. It is expected that everyone shall put due emphasis on quality, basis, detail, implementation and outcome and focus on perfecting each detail. He required that all employees shall positively participated in the diversified activities and demonstrated their skills, and he urged that a new level of quality management could be achieved only if all employees’ quality awareness and work skills were improved.


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