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Suntech Moistened the Driest Land

Suntech Moistened The Driest Land
Back in March 2020, Suntech supplied 206 kW high-efficiency poly modules to Sudan market. It marked the 100th countries and regions of Suntech’s shipment worldwide. Now let's go to Sudan, to witness the performance of Suntech modules in the "Stove of the World".

Active Transformation of Energy Structure
Sudan, located in the northeast of Africa and the eastern end of the Sahara Desert. Featured with dry and hot climate which provides favourable objective conditions for the development of photovoltaic industry; on the other hand, Sudan’s economic structure is single and dominated by agriculture and animal husbandry industries. In recent years, Sudanese Government has introduced a number of initiatives to increase the share of renewable energy in the country’s energy structure, and Suntech modules are part of the program.

Tickles Breeding Hope
Suntech has supplied about 5.3 MW PV modules to Sudan market in 2020. More than 13,336 pieces of Suntech’s high-efficiency modules were ingeniously installed on the yellow earth of the dried-up rivers to absorb the sunlight. The solar-powered electricity pumped water in a steady stream from the underground water sources. The land is barren, but the trickles of water breed hope.

In Sudan, the reasonable utilization of geographical advantages to solve the power problem has stimulated the huge potential of solar market. Suntech has expanded its distribution scale in Sudan, holding 70% of the local market share so far. By setting up a new office in Khartoum, the footprints of Suntech modules have covered both south and north Sudan. Meanwhile, technical support and warranty work will also be provided by the local teams in Sudan.

Improving Livelihood
In recent years, Suntech has many other supply projects in terms of ensuring people’s livelihood besides Sudan: In March 2020, the photovoltaic pumping irrigation system supplied by Suntech in Yemen was completed. In 2021, Suntech continued its global layout and set up a local distribution agency in Sri Lanka to provide professional and convenient photovoltaic products and services for its market.

“Solar Powering a Green Future” has been the corporate mission of Suntech since 2001. Over the past two decades, every Suntecher has been staying true to the original aspiration, continuously improving the product transfer efficiency, keeping on strengthening the R&D of new technologies and the improvement of production technology. In the future, Suntech will continue to improve global pre-sale and after-sale service systems and light up every corner of the world with the cleanest and richest solar energy.


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