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Leading the Way of IP Protection at Suntech

Leading the Way of IP Protection at Suntech
With the theme of “taking your ideas to market” released by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) this year, April 26, 2021 comes as the 21st World Intellectual Property Day. Suntech, with 20 years’ specialization in the research, development and production of solar cells and assembly, has attached great importance to intellectual property rights. Through continuous innovation, cost-saving and profit-increasing efforts, Suntech gain strong support for high quality and sustainable development.

Suntech has attached great importance to IP since its inception, with great efforts made in IP protection as well as the related implementation of tech-innovation and achievements. Suntech has a well-established management system for trademarks, patents and domain names, having built a safe trade barrier in IP field from the development of products to promotional activities. By the end of March, 2021, we have applied for 910 patents and got 569 patents authorized, covering PV battery, PV modules, PV application system and PV manufacturing equipment etc., taking the lead in China’s PV industry in terms of quantity of patent applications and licenses. Suntech has gained a number of awards and honorary titles including China Patent Excellence Award, Gold Prize of Jiangsu Provincial Patent Award and Gold Prize of Wuxi Patent Award, and has been placed in the list of pilot enterprises in industrial IP patent operation 2020 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Suntech got National Standard of Business IP Management System certified in 2019, and has formulated IP management policy featuring sustainable tech innovation, IP enabled PV power generation and guarding Suntech’s first-class PV brand. We’ve enhanced our ability in the operation and protection of IP with standards systematized. Since the establishment of IP management system, Suntech has seriously implemented GB/T29490-2013 enterprise IP management specifications and standards, making great efforts to enhance work in IP, popularization of IP knowledge and training, application for patent and protection, etc. Suntech has proactively established our internal database, and performed industry tech patent search and analysis regularly based on our business-focused IP tech fields, striving to grasp tech advance and development trends at home and abroad..

Suntech has well-established trademark protection strategy, and currently with 251 registered trademarks and 22 domain names, with trademarks registered in 88 countries and regions abroad. By continuously enhancing presence and planning overseas, we always strive to tap the emerging markets abroad continuously under the premise of stable traditional market. Suntech brand has grown into a reliable PV brand around the world, enjoying high brand recognition and reputation at home and abroad.

Suntech enhances publicity for IP protection and strives to make the awareness of IP protection to take roots in its business culture. Besides, Suntech always make efforts to integrate innovation concept into the basic research, product development, to cultivate high-value patent and raise patent conversion rate, meanwhile making patent planning based on the two tech-innovation platforms including China recognized business tech center and Jiangsu Province (Suntech) PV Tech Research Institute. In the future, Suntech will continuously keep faith with the concept of “advocating science and technology with sustainable innovation”, striving to develop more core technologies, transform patented tech into productivity and provide choice quality PV products for customers.


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