Suntech Launches Phrase I Zibo 3GW PV Module Project

Suntech Launches Phrase I Zibo 3GW PV Module Project
On October 10, 2020, Suntech held the opening ceremony of Phrase I Zibo 3GW PV Module Project, co-invested by Shanghai TaoTe Investment Management Partnership

The Phrase I Zibo 3GW PV Module Project is situated in Zhoucun District, Zibo City, with multiple high-standard intelligent module production workshops and logistics warehousing bases. The new automatic and efficient module production equipment greatly facilitates the production efficiency. The Zibo plant plans to mainly produce 210mm large-size multiple busbar and high-performance module, with 182mm multiple busbar cells production as supplementary. The production line is to cover all the mainstream product technologies on the PV market. Equipped with large-size 78 cells, the mass production of high-power and high-performance 560W+ module can be realized. The plant is expected to be put into production in March 2021, when Suntech 210mm large-size high-power module will be fully produced in large quantity.

Since 2001, Suntech has scored remarkable achievements in renewable energy industry in the past 2 decades. In recent years, Suntech picks up momentum as top 10 global exporter of PV product. As of H1 this year, Suntech has shipped over 23GW to more than 100 countries around the world. As the starting point of bilateral cooperation between Suntech and Zhoucun District, the Phrase I Zibo 3GW PV Module Project is to gather all-round support including project design, equipment selection, production management and sales system from the group. Upon completion, the project aims to create 1000 new jobs, generate 4 billion yuan of annual sales income, and over 400 million USD of foreign exchange through exports.

In the commencement ceremony, Mr. He Shuangquan, Executive President of Suntech lauded in his speech that Zhoucun impressed the company through its enabling business environment, and efficient government agencies. He said, Zhoucun has long been hailed as the No. 1 Village in the World as the origin of Lushang, the Shandong merchant. The company-friendly environment catalyzes the project of 3GW 210mm Module in Zhoucun. “We have firm belief that this project will open a new chapter of bilateral cooperation with Zhoucun District, Zibo City and the cooperation will exemplify the new model of public-private partnership integrated with the industry.” he added.

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