Suntech Launched the 2020 Quality Month Campaign in Wuxi Plant

Suntech Launched the 2020 Quality Month Campaign in Wuxi Plant
In September, Suntech launched the “2020 Quality Month Campaign” in Wuxi Plant. Mr. Zhang Wei, VP of Suntech, Mr. Rong Daolan, Director of Module Quality Dept., Mr. Fei Zhong, Director of Module Manufacturing and other department heads attended the opening ceremony.

Suntech Quality Month Campaign has been continued for 9 years. Suntech has long been meeting customer demands while orienting towards economic performance, with quality improvement as the core. This year the campaign themed by “to reduce losses, to innovate, and to win by quality”, aims at encouraging the staff to prevent the potential failure and make constant innovation and improve quality.

The series of campaign activities include 3 parts:

1. SOP Debug

2. Quality Knowledge Competition

3. Quality Improvement PK

In the opening address at the Quality Month Campaign opening ceremony, Mr. Zhang Wei emphasized three points. Firstly, the quality issue needs all the personnel’s involvement in an all-round and systematic way. This campaign is a good opportunity for us to fully strengthen the awareness of quality and improve management ability. Secondly, each staff shall be equipped with the awareness of quality on their work. Finally, quality means constant improvement. Based on the new production capacity of 1.5GW and the manufacturing of MBB large-size modules in Wuxi plant, we should set quality improvement as the objective of sustainable development to enhance all staffs’ awareness of quality and problem-solving skills.

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