Suntech Awarded the First Prize of Jiangsu PV Science and Technology Award

Suntech Awarded the First Prize of Jiangsu PV Science and Technology Award
On December 5, 2020, Suntech Vice President Mr. Zhang Wei was invited to the high-level dialogue on the PV Industry Coordinated Development Conference, held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Suntech was honored with the first prize for the module industrialization technology.

The conference has brought the industry leaders together to facilitate cooperation and exchange ideas on the holistic industry chain and supply chain, the latest trend, technology and achievement and the blueprint of PV industry. In the high-level dialogue, Suntech Vice President Mr. Zhang emphasized that as a world-renowned module supplier, Suntech played a key role in the decades’ development of PV industry in Jiangsu. Faced with global supply chain hard hit by the covid-19 and the high quality development of the PV industry in the future, the government and industry organization shall improve the planning and the sound ecosystem of the PV industry.

Since 2019, Jiangsu PV Industry Association has set up the Jiangsu PV Science and Technology Award in a bid to evaluate every sector of the PV industry and honor those individuals, groups and companies that contribute to the R&D, and tech promotion of the PV industry. The award aims to promote the technological development and enhance the competitiveness of PV industry in Jiangsu Province.

This year, Suntech won the first prize with module industrialization technology. This project adopts half-cut mono cell, which is the pioneering design that can enhance module efficiency and reduce module temperature and hot spot. The unique design drastically cuts the industrial equipment investment and enables faster industrialization of high-performance half-cut technology. Coupled with half-chip mono module, Suntech lower the photovoltaic power cost with industrialization of high-performance, high-reliability and low-cost modules.

Suntech has always been a staunch supporter of product R&D and technology upgrading. We strive to enhance product transformation efficiency and improve new technology R&D and technique. With leading technology, we stay committed to providing PV products with higher performance and reliability to our customers and market. In the future, we will continue our efforts in technology transformation and product R&D, and convert technology establishment into productivity and to inject vitality to the global PV industry.

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