Global & Local | Suntech’s Debut in 4 Overseas Virtual Summits

Global & Local | Suntech’s Debut in 4 Overseas Virtual Summits
The confidence and passion of the global market and enterprises remain undaunted, though the covid-19 pandemic spread. Suntech maintains the momentum in its overseas business, with shipment ranking among Top 10 globally. Recently, Suntech has made its debut in multiple global virtual summits to promote the brand power to the world.

In the US
Solar & Storage Finance USA Virtual Summit, held from November 17 to 19, provides an outstanding global platform for industry communication and gives a chance for developers, manufacturers and investors to exchange views on the latest challenges and technology and to explore infinite possibilities in PV industry.
Mr. Green Yang, Sales Director North America, delivered a speech on the topic “Whether 2020 Is The Most Important Year Up till Now” and shared his insight on the impact of the global pandemic on the recycle economy, market demand and difficulties on export. He also expressed his support and confidence in PV industry.

In Germany
The 21st Forum Neue Energiewelt was held online from November 19 to 20. This is a significant annual summit for PV and new energy in Germany, and an important platform for companies, organizations and media to understand the local industrial policies, promote business, and share experience.
Suntech, as a staunch partner, has participated the summit and delivered speech for a third consecutive year. Mr. Thilo Kinkel, Director of Sales for Central Europe, was invited to the summit and shared market analysis and company information. He briefed on the history, shipment schedule, and reputation of Suntech and introduced the new product series Ultra to the audience to further enhance their understanding of the company.

In Europe
Large Scale Solar EU-Virtual Summit, held from November 22 to 24, has touched various topics including global market analysis, CAPEX, successful case of trade risk response, and the depth and the energy reserve of the European market.
Mr. Thilo Kinkel, Suntech European Sales Manager, delivered the speech themed on “Green Renaissance Driven by Solar Energy, Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energy”, focusing on the future development of the PV industry. In the future, Suntech will continue to provide high-power and high-performance product and make contribution to the sustainable new energy industry.

Around the World
As of the end of this year, Solar & Storage DigiCon will continue the summit online. As a brand-new platform created by Joint Forces for Solar(JF4S) and International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance(IBESA), it provides a virtual place for enterprises to display their products, services and innovation. It is also an opportunity for companies to discover potential clients and connect with the local and global customers.
On this integrated platform, Suntech displayed Ultra series product and is expected to attract 120000 interested persons or entities to connect and interact.
With its cutting-edge technology and brand reputation, Suntech has attracted the worldwide attention through these online summits. In parallel, Suntech’s unique market judgment facilitates its in-depth and ongoing discussion with global customers. In the future, Suntech will keep the Global & Local concept and march toward a wider global market with better performance.

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