Photovoltaic Industries under the “Belt and Road” Initiative | Suntech attended Vietnam solar power expo and gave a speech

On September 25-26 (local time),Vietnam Solar Power Expo (2019), held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Hanoi, Vietnam. Mr. Zheng Yi, Sales General Manager APMEA of Suntech, attended the forum of the summit and delivered a speech, sharing Suntech's strategic distribution in Vietnam markets and a research report concerning solar module encapsulation solution and reliability research.

With 1600-2700 hours of sunshine per year and an average luminous exposure of 4-5KWh/㎡, Vietnam has munificent illumination conditions even overtopping that of China’s Class I resource zones. This abundance of illumination has become an important factor attracting photovoltaic investments in Vietnam. The country’s economy and industrial modernization grow gradually, and so does Vietnam’s demand for electricity each year. In addition, Vietnam’s government actively supports the application of renewable energy and plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy to 9.9% of its energy structure by 2020, and then to 21% by 2030.

During the summit, Zheng Yi, made a plenary speech on solar module encapsulation solution and reliability research. The technical sales points of Suntech’s new Hipower series PV modules and practical cases on how to encapsulate modules, as well as the particular solutions, which he detailed in the speech, won tumultuous applause at the site.

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