Charging the Earth for A Green Future:Suntech Shapes A Better Life for Thounsands of Households

Charging the Earth for A Green Future:Suntech Shapes A Better Life for Thounsands of Households
The Negev, located in the southern part of Israel, is a vast and barren desert that covers more than half of the country's land area. The area is sparsely populated, with bungalows scattered around forming multiple settlements. The Bedouins, one of the nomadic groups of the desert, have settled here.

Primitive Lifestyle

As times have changed, the Bedouins have had to abandon their centuries-old practice of nomadic migration to the desert during the rainy winter and back to arable land in the dry summer. Despite having settled down, the Bedouins still face several challenges, including a lack of infrastructure and access to electricity, mainly due to their far distance from cities.

In the past, residents used diesel generators to generate power, which caused noise pollution and safety hazards. “When the generators were working at night, the whole village sounded like a giant factory due to the deafening roar.” Said the head of One Solar, a PV distributor of Suntech in Bedouin settlements.

A good rain after a long drought — to have a long-felt need satisfied

After the first household installed Suntech’s high-efficiency PV modules with the help of One Solar and successfully generated “green power”, the long drought desert finally welcomed its rainy season. Suntech’s PV modules not only provide stable power generation and a safe living environment to the people of Negev, but also offer them a solid and carefree foundation to embrace a green and low-carbon modern lifestyle. For the Bedouins who have transitioned from a nomadic way of life a thousand years ago to settled communities on the edge of cities, this is a significant step forward. “When I see children happily chasing about through the aisles between the solar arrays and the warm lights in the homes at night, I know that it’s not about price or business anymore,” shared the head of One Solar.

Suntech brings clean energy to thousands of households

Despite the growing popularity of PVs as a form of power generation, many households in the desert region of Israel still lack access to electricity. In fact, more than 1.2 billion people – a fifth of the world’s population – also lack access to electricity, according to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 7 released in 2022. An additional 2.8 billion people rely on wood, charcoal, and coal for cooking and heating, resulting in more than 4 million premature deaths annually from indoor air pollution.

As the world’s leading PV manufacturer, Suntech is dedicated to the mission of “charging the earth for a green future, shaping a better life.” Suntech actively promotes the early realization of the goal of “Grid Parity” for PV power generation and the use of clean energy globally. Their efforts bring the environmental concept of low-carbon electricity into every household and help make the dream of “green power” a reality for all.

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