Achieve “Dual Carbon” Target Together Business Interview During IGEA’s Tour of Taihu Lake

On November 3, Deng Jihai, Executive President of the International Green Economy Association (IGEA), led members of the Association to visit Suntech and conducted in-depth exchanges on Suntech’s innovations, technologies, industrial models and business situation in the field of renewable energy.

Suntech’s Senior Vice President Chen Bihua, Vice President Zhang Ni and others gave them a warm welcome and accompanied them during the visit. Deng Jihai and his entourage learned a lot about Suntech’s development history and technological innovation, greatly recognized Suntech’s development ideas and achievements, and looked forward to more cooperation between the two sides in the development of a green economy.

Before the business interview, Chen Bihua invited Deng Jihai and his entourage to visit the exhibition hall of Suntech and introduced to the guests in detail the development history and strategic planning of Suntech in the field of innovative technology. In the subsequent business interview, Chen Bihua pointed out that Suntech has obtained more than 600 patents, and has successfully entered major global markets such as Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East and North Africa. As a global leading photovoltaic enterprise, Suntech not only possesses strong technical strength and innovation ability but also adheres to the customer-oriented principle. It has continuously strived for progress and innovation in renewable energy generation technology and promoted the sustainable development of the industry. In terms of technological research and development, by virtue of leading production equipment and processes, Suntech has constantly broken through technical bottlenecks regarding module power and cell conversion efficiency, greatly improving product quality and performance. It has also strengthened cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and research institutions to promote the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements and provide more support for the industry in terms of innovative technologies.

After listening to Chen Bihua’s introduction, President Deng greatly recognized Suntech’s technological innovation and market planning. President Deng said “IGEA, with the aim of ‘promoting green economy and sustainable development and developing eco-civilization’, actively promotes the global cooperation of green industry. Suntech is deeply committed to the development of the photovoltaic ecological industry, and its strategy of penetrating the global green market with its focus on the national ‘dual carbon’ strategic goal is consistent with the Association’s aim. We look forward to more cooperation among member units of IGEA and Suntech in the future!”

In the ensuing speech, Zhang Ni expanded on “carbon neutrality, carbon peak” mentioned by President Deng, saying, “Adhering to green and sustainable development is of great significance to Suntech, which plays a good and positive role in guiding Suntech’s production and operation as well as the development of the market.” Zhang Ni also enumerated the efforts made by Suntech to achieve this goal, which were approved and recognized by the audience.

At the end of the meeting, Chen Bihua said “IGEA and Suntech share the same thought in terms of executing the idea of eco-civilization and promoting green and high-quality development. It is hoped that the two sides can carry out more extensive, deeper and closer cooperation in new energy development, international market development, etc., and work together to build a high-quality development platform for China’s new energy industry.”

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