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Suntech Showcases Smart Solar Modules at the Green Power 2018 in Poland

Green power is a trade fair for new energy industry. It gathers representatives of all sectors of RES, constitutes an excellent opportunity to learn about market tendencies and seeks challenges and possibilities in the field of new energy.

Solaredge and Maxim Smart modules use integrated J-box. Compared to conventional J-box, intelligent J-box with built-in IC optimizes power output. Intelligent IC can be regarded as shunt impedance under shading condition to reduce power loss caused by current mismatch. Built-in intelligent cell optimizer IC avoids negative consequences of any type of mismatch within a panel caused by shading, soiling, aging, unfavorable house orientation, etc. Best-in-class shade tolerance by performing MPPT on individual cell-strings to maximize energy output, elimination of hot spots, which results in minimized panel degradation. Under shading condition, smart modules can increase current and decrease voltage, which rise the total power by 30%.Enables 20% tighter row pitch at same energy production per panel which can effective increase power output, enables 3% more energy output per panel at same row pitch than conventional panel.

Poland is one of the emerging PV market in Europe recent years, the proportion of renewable energy in Poland is only 10% at the moment. There is still a gap to reach the EU’s goal of 20% renewable energy by 2020. Supported by government, Poland has a plan to increase the PV installation capacity 10 times more than it has now in the next four years. Therefore, the PV market has a greater promotion space to develop in Poland. On another hand, Poland has special police support in residential PV market,which arise the interest of Suntech to invest more resource to develop this field in Poland. Where there is sunshine, will Suntech presents. In line with our original intention, we’ll light up the wonderful lives of our human beings with green energy.


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