Suntech Power Honored as the First Winning Candidate for the Household Distributed Photovoltaic Assembly Project Tender by Nur Energy in Inner Mongolia

Recently, Inner Mongolia Nur Energy Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nur Energy) announced the winning candidates for the household distributed photovoltaic project, with Suntech Power emerging as the first winning enterprise!

According to the tender notice, Nur Energy plans to procure photovoltaic modules for its household distributed projects, with a procurement capacity of 25MW. The specification calls for monocrystalline bifacial glass-glass photovoltaic assemblies of 650Wp or more, which will be utilized for Nur Energy’s photovoltaic project construction in places like Inner Mongolia and Shanxi.

The bid that won Nur Energy’s favor this time is Suntech Power’s Ultra X Plus 660W high-efficiency bifacial glass-glass module. It employs P-type 210mm solar cells, combined with advanced processes like half-cutting with no damage, multi-busbar soldering, and more. The product boasts high efficiency, high power generation, optimized bifaciality, low degradation, low BOS, and low LCOE cost. The module ‘s highest conversion efficiency reaches 21.6%, with the first year’s power degradation not exceeding 2%, and an annual linear power degradation no more than 0.45%. Accompanied by industry-leading 15-year product material and process warranties, and a 30-year linear power warranty, it promises more stable and enduring benefits for users over the photovoltaic installation’s lifecycle.

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of the national dual-carbon target, Suntech Power has formed an indissoluble bond with Inner Mongolia: Together with Pinggao Group, Suntech Power has constructed the photovoltaic+storage and sand industry ecological co-development power plant in Dengkou county, Bayan Nur city, achieving simultaneous progress in desert greening and ecological environment protection. It has also facilitated Inner Mongolia Yitai Energy’s commercial and industrial distributed photovoltaic project, creating self-generating and self-using distributed photovoltaic power stations in coal mine areas, and thereby accomplishing the green power transition in mine areas.

As a global Tier 1 photovoltaic assembly supplier, Suntech Power continuously leverages its leading position to facilitate the regional green economic transition and upgrade. It steadily propels green technology reform and innovation, persistently promoting development models like photovoltaic sand control, agrivoltaics, forest-voltaics, pasture-voltaics, and green electricity for households. In so doing, it constructs a new sustainable green development model, lighting up the global green carbon future.

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