Suntech is further expanding opportunities for solar business in the South American Region

The South American Region host some of the most dynamic renewable energy markets in the world, with more than a quarter of primary energy coming from renewables, twice the global average. Power sectors in the region are characterised by a high dependence on hydropower, and exploiting the complementarity between hydropower and variable renewable energy sources is a key leveraging factor for all renewables in South America.

Recently, the Solar Energy Workshop: “Caribbean and South American Region” was held in FORT LAUDERDALE in USA. The workshop sessions bring together decision-makers of companies selling, using and creating advanced solar technologies for the specific region. Moreover, renowned experts provide an overview of the business climate in key countries including best practice examples, lessons learned and future trends.

As a pioneer in the photovoltaic industry, Suntech was invited to join this event, and the General Manager of Suntech Power Europe&Americas, Mr. Kui Li has made the presentation of “ BifacialTechnology – Driving down the LCOE of Solar PV System to Grid Parity in the Caribbean Region “ at the events. During the presentation, Mr. Li hasnot only introduced how the Bifacial technology driving down the LCOE of Solar PV system, but also the key advantages of the Bifacial products in the case studies of Suntech, toprovide recent advances in research and how to keep the solar plant competitive to the audiences.

For the countries of South America, the orientation towards solar energy and other renewable sources means an immense increase in security of supply and a reduction in costs for the population. And there’s urgency: Natural disasters in particular, which threaten the region, demonstrate the importance of a modern, flexible and stable power supply. A threat that can be mitigated by their climate, which favors for solar energy generation. Rapid cost reductions, maturing technologies and further renewable energy policy reforms offer an unprecedented opportunity to further tap the vast renewable energy potential in the region.

Suntech has entered the Caribbean and the countries of South America market several years ago, and has accumulated some long-term partners in this market. Lots of partners said that Suntech´sPV module has very reliable power generation and excellent performance, which bring them the stable benefits to the power plant projects. It shows the high-quality products can be fully standing the test of time. And Suntech is ready to further expanding the solar business in these markets.


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