Suntech attended NARES and devoted to increasing the photovoltaic market share in North Africa

From 24 to 25 June, the 2nd NARES was held in Casablanca, Morocco. Experts and scholars from over 200 renewable energy source industries got together to concentrate on countries in North Africa like Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt. Together they discussed the update and prediction of the development of renewable energy sources in North Africa.

As a region profuse in solar energy resources, North Africa is speeding up the development of renewable energy sources to meet up the ever-increasing energy demand and to respond to the climate change. Relying on the strong support from the government and ongoing and upcoming renewable energy source projects, development of solar energy sources in North Arica has grown comparatively fast. Take Morocco as an example. As one of the earlist adopters of renewable energy sources in North Africa, Morocco will finish deploying solar energy of about 1.5GW by 2020 to reach the 42% proportion of the renewable energy sources. This amount will increase to 52% in 2030. Besides, there will be a large-scale power station completed in 2019 in Egypt, the third largest economy in the African continent, which may become the GW-class market ranking No.11 in the world. According to the prediction of the authoritative market analysis agency, this year the annual increase of the solar power generation in North African countries is expected to reach 43%.

The Suntech’s performance in North Africa market is eye-catching. Particularly, aiming at the dryness of the tropical desert climate and sand storms in North Africa, Suntech has developed a kind of efficient monocrystalline antifouling and drainage intelligent module. This module uses a kind of special dustproof glass that can reduce dirt retention in the dry environment. So the best optical performance can be maintained in the long term; On the other hand, by reducing the cleaning interval, consumables and performance loss, the internal rate of return of the power station owner can be increased. The other advantage of the antifouling and drainage intelligent module is that by adopting the drainage structure, the sewage can be discharged fast in the wet environment, which largely reduce the sewage left on the surface of the module. This structure makes the single glass module can reach the effect as the double glass frameless module does. It is worth mentioning that this structure does not reduce the reliability of the module, of which the load intensity still meets up with the standard of 5400Pa on the front side and 3800Pa on the reverse side. Meanwhile, the sharp corners of the module adopt external corner connectors in the shape of rounded chamfer, which is not only nice-looking but also safe. To sum up the two technical advantages mentioned above, compared to the conventional module, the generating efficiency of this module can be promoted by about 2%. When displayed in SNEC2019, this new module aroused wide concern from all sides.

In the furious market competition, Suntech always sticks to embrace the changes and actively promote the management reform. And Suntech carries out full cost control and refined management to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. For the drastic development of the North Africa market, Suntech has been working here for years. Suntech has not only been perfecting itself for new product development, but also kept perfecting its global distribution and establishment of the local sales service system with the market strategy of Global & Local in market developing. In the future, centering on leading quality and advanced technologies, Suntech will keep establishing the comprehensive cost advantage and innovating. Suntech will devote to promote the photovoltaic market share in North Africa and its surrounding area and provide higher-quality products and all-around services for global clients.

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