Suntech and Krannich collaborated to develop the French PV Market

Suntech, as a famous solar photovoltaic manufacturer in the world, is engaged in the R & D and the production of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules. Recently suntech will focus on the market gradually to Europe and France,This has laid a good foundation for the future strategic cooperation between Krannich and Suntech, Both of these leaders are committed to technological innovation. It is imperative for Suntech and Krannich to develop the French market jointly.

The French Republic is the third largest country in Europe and the largest in Western Europe. France’s terrain is flat, being mainly composed of plains. In fact, most of the Western European plains are within the borders of France. Its southern coast features a Mediterranean climate, with quantity of heat, plenty of sunshine, and adequate moisture. Moreover, the French government’s policies are favorable to PV.

Krannich is one of the world’s leading PV distributors. Krannich provides PV installers with solar modules, inverters, PV installation systems, systems for private use, PV installation monitoring equipment, and fittings. Headquartered in Weil der Stadt, Germany, Krannich has 27 facilities in 18 countries worldwide. Krannich places a very high value on providing customers and project partners with high-quality products and the best solutions. Krannich features a convenient and efficient logistics system and experienced sales and technical teams. All these advantages make Krannich a pacesetter in the PV industry. Krannich has a local marketing strategy in France and a clear idea of the French PV market’s development. Its localized operations are able to perfectly assist Suntech in developing the French PV market.

As a leading brand in the PV industry, Suntech has also anchored long ago in the fertile soil of the French PV market. Along the Franco-German border, a PV agricultural project, whose materials were supplied by Suntech, Which also the world’s largest rooftop PV project. Nineteen years of history have spurred a new wave of innovation. In recent years and with continuous and reliable product quality, Suntech has won the title of Top Brand PV in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and many other places. In early 2019, Suntech won the title again in Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, France, and Australia. In 2019, Krannich won the title of Top Brand PV again in seven major PV countries in Europe.

A strategic partnership was established between Suntech and Krannich several years ago. Feeling satisfied with Suntech’s strict product quality management system, Krannich expanded several European markets in cooperation with Suntech. In France, Krannich acts as the exclusive agency for Suntech and is committed to expanding the market for Suntech. At BePOSITIVE, which recently came to a close, Suntech and Krannich showcased their products together. A number of highly distinctive products, designed to meet clear, specific needs, were exhibited. These devices represented the increasingly advanced product technologies of Suntech and showed the new PV technologies, coming out of China, to the world.

France possesses a relatively stable market for the development of PV installations. It will demonstrate steady growth trend in the future. Together with Krannich, Suntech will continue to develop the French PV market and fully implement the strategies of internationalization and localization. These efforts will help guarantee that Suntech thrives the French PV market.

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