Suntech Again Ranks Among the 2018 Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises

On December 12th, the 2018 International Energy Forum &theTheeighth8th China Top 500 New Energy Enterprises Summit sponsored by China Energy News and China Institute of Energy Economics Researchwas held ceremoniously in People's Daily building. The high-profile “List of 2018 Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises” was also revealed during the summit.

In 2018, affected by global economic and trade disputes and national policies of various countries, the photovoltaic market situation was not clear. Facing the changeable policy environment, sticking to the mission “Solar powering a green future”, the vision “Through continuous innovationand excellent management, to become the most trusted PV company” and the values “Pragmatism, Efficiency, Cooperation and Innovation” Suntech remained calm in the face of changes and ranked 157th among the Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises.

Suntech has always been customer-oriented. The company is committed to providing high-quality efficient solar modules and regards new technology R&D and the improvement of product conversion efficiency as its own responsibility. On the way forward, it has overcome difficulties and made breakthroughs in innovation, moving up 27 places from the previous year’s 184th place.

For 18 years, Suntech has always adhered to its original aspiration, focusing on innovation in product and technology to achieve differentiation while capturing the mainstream. The company emphasizes strict quality standards and a perfect after-sales service system, through which it sparesno effort to light every corner of the world with the cleanest, most abundant solar energy in nature.

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