Siemens achieves photovoltaic system digital operation under the support of Suntech

The distributed photovoltaic power generation system is of safety, reliability, eco-friendly system and low operational and maintenance cost, gaining a high evaluation among the distributed energy system. With years of development in distributed power generation, Suntech, as a famous solar photovoltaic manufacturer in the world, is engaged in the R & D and the production of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules. has established great strategic cooperation relationship with Siemens, who engages in this field in recent years. Suntech focuses on photovoltaic module with high reliability, and provides support for Siemens in photovoltaic system digital operation.

SSLS’s photovoltaic rooftop project (Shanghai)
Fully guarantee great system performance and the security of operation and maintenance

The project is the largest capacity monomer rooftop solar arrays for Siemens China, with the total of 1,980 pieces of Suntech monocrystalline modules. At the peak of photovoltaic power generation season, the monthly power generation can achieve 200,000 kilowatts by the photovoltaic power generation system. Compared with the large centralized surface power station, the distributed photovoltaic power station is closer to the user side, requiring a high safety level to the system.

SEAL photovoltaic rooftop project (Suzhou)
Innovatively explore the “test field” for the digital photovoltaic system

The SEAL’s digital photovoltaic system adopts Suntech polycrystalline module, each of them meets the high quality standard of Suntech. Among them, 220 pieces of modules are equipped with intellectual on/off control devices, which is also the first utilization for Suntech. The device can transmit real-time operating data of each Suntech photovoltaic module to the monitoring platform for accurate module monitoring, thus ensuring the efficient and stable operation of the system.

Since been officially switched on, the photovoltaic power generation system has achieved the average generating efficiency of about 81.3%, provided 1.1 million kilowatts to factories per year, and is expected to cut the carbon emission of the total 21,050 tons within its 25-year service life. In the season with ample sunlight, the power generation of the photovoltaic system can meet the 50% of the power demand of a factory, bringing a huge economic benefit to the factory.

Asia-Pacific headquartersrooftop project (Beijing)
The model of energy-saving, environment-friendly and resource-saving modern architecture

With years of experience in distributed photovoltaic product market, Suntech believes that the key to explore the domestic photovoltaic product market is to provide digital and customized solutions. The rooftop solar farm of Asia Pacific (Beijing) headquarters of Siemens is the first distributed photovoltaic rooftop project for the office building owned by Siemens China. The Asia Pacific headquarters of Siemens, located in Wangjing Region, Beijing, has equipped with 998 pieces of Suntech monocrystalline PERC high-efficiency modules, with total 308kW, and has been put into use on March this year. As the benchmarking photovoltaic project of Siemens China, it is expected to achieve the power generation of 380,000 kilowatts in the first year.

From Shanghai to Suzhou, then to Beijing, the energy-saving and environment-friendly green project of Siemens shows its innovative products and science & technology concept, and achieves its goal of sustainable development. Siemens selects Suntech as the strategic supplier on the basis of high quality standard of Suntech. In addition to the successful application of various new materials, new processes and new technologies, Suntech also provides technical reference and experience reference to domestic customized photovoltaic roof project.

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