FLEXIBLE For Every-Scene


Suntech Lightweight Module

Suntech Lightweight module optimizes its design on materials and dimension based on conventional modules. The thickness of glass is only about 2mm and the overall weight of the modules is reduced by nearly 30% compared to conventional modules. It is suitable for roof projects where weight limitation is required.

Suntech SMART DC Module

Suntech SMART DC module uses TS4 universal word Jbox with junction box platform from TIGO Energy. The brilliant TIGO Smart solution offers advanced Safety, Monitoring and Optimization functionality. Compared with traditional modules, Suntech smart modules achieved technology breakthrough on cell string-level MPPT (maximum power point tracing) to get low BOS cost and guarantee maximal power yield.

Suntech’s shingled module uses conducting resin to replace the traditional metal welding tape, which greatly reduces the electrical resistivity.

The non-busbar design reduces the shielding on the cell surface, with a more exquisite appearance; the fine lossless cutting technology reduces the risk of cell cracking.