Lead innovative development with high-quality products! Suntech shows its M10 PV modules for home use at the World Smart Energy Week in Japan

Lead innovative development with high-quality products! Suntech shows its M10 PV modules for home use at the World Smart Energy Week in Japan
The World Smart Energy Week was officially opened on March 15, 2023 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. Suntech brings its Ultra series and residential M10 PV modules that are exclusively developed for application in Japan to the exposition.

Japan, as an island country, lacks conventional powers such as petroleum and natural gas. Moreover, the previous Fukushima accident leads Japan government to give up on long-term nuclear power development planning and transit to solar energy, a clean green energy. Therefore, Japan government vigorously supports PV development and once perceived that as a national policy because that is the major method for harnessing solar energy.

As of the end of 2022, Japan’s total installed capacity reached 7GW while 865MW of which was installed capacity of solar PV installed on residential buildings’ roofs. The Tokyo metropolitan government voted on and adopted the revised ordinance on All New Houses in Tokyo Built After April 2025 Must Install Solar Power Panel, which is the first of its kind that targets new individual homes in Japan. The metropolitan government also seeks to develop solar power generation projects and cut household carbon emissions by effectively using a large number of building roofs.

Based on a huge amount of research and market analysis, Suntech launched its residential PV modules equipped with M10 batteries at the end of 2022, satisfying the demand for small-sized residential roofs in Japan. The new residential module is “small” enough to fit Japanese buildings’ roofs and can ensure stable power generation and supply. Notably, Suntech is the only foreign-invested solar PV supplier that carries out the whole process from initial product R&D to final drawing design in Japan. Thanks to its high-quality PV modules and strong brand influence, Suntech outperforms its competitors in Japan’s PV market. It has been ranked among the TOP 5 in Japan concerning the market share in the new home segment for many years and has maintained relationships with many real estate companies for more than 20 years.

Its technology center located in Nagano can provide technical support as strong as any Japanese company do, so Suntech is favored by many Japanese clients. To ensure that all of its products meet international quality control standards that are more stringent than IEC and JIS, Suntech always conducts fire resistance tests, corrosion resistance tests, sand resistance tests and snow load tests before rolling out new residential PV modules.

As a leading player in Japan’s PV module market, Suntech is committed to the craftsman approach of pursuing high quality and high performance standards, which will help it to win more clients’ trust.

Established in 2006, Suntech Japan, formerly known as an established Japanese solar power company called MSK, has been generating and selling solar energy for 55 years. The company has nearly 100 employees at its headquarters in Tokyo and offices and technology centers in Fukuoka and Nagano.

Besides its industrial and residential PV module business, Suntech has also been involved in plant development and operation and maintenance (O&M) services for photovoltaic power plants in Japan. To date, Suntech has completed a grid connection of 100MW in Japan and has developed and implemented projects with cumulative energy storage of more than 200 MW.


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