Good News! Suntech Appears on the List of “Jiangsu Green Factory 2022”

The recently released list of "Jiangsu Green Factory 2022" includes Suntech for its product technology advantages, unique environmental design, low carbon production and green supply chain management.

The recently released list of “Jiangsu Green Factory 2022” includes Suntech for its product technology advantages, unique environmental design, low carbon production and green supply chain management.

In response to the call of the 20th CPC National Congress for carbon dioxide emission and carbon neutrality, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology hosted the province-wide evaluation to select leading backbone enterprises with strong ability of green manufacturing in all industries, so as to boost the low-carbon transformation of manufacturing industry and green development in Jiangsu Province.

As a world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products, Suntech has always aligned its business development with state strategy. In constant pursuit of green development, it has fleshed out green development strategies and long-term plan for green factory construction, while advancing technology upgrading, process optimization and renovation towards the goals of energy conservation and emission reduction. Passing the ISO50001:2018 Energy Management System Certification, the company has improved its energy management level, ensuring the energy management compliance.

The company integrates green concept in its infrastructure, especially in construction and equipment. As part of the effort to optimize the energy consumption structure, Suntech has built a large amount of photovoltaic power generation equipment within the company, including photovoltaic curtain wall, photovoltaic carport, and solar street lamp. The exterior wall of Suntech’s ecological office building, which has won many major rewards such as Jiangsu Green Building Demonstration Project and National Renewable Energy Building Application Project, uses solar curtain wall module as the power generation unit which, with the photovoltaic curtain wall of 6,900 square meters and the total capacity of 1.01MW, provides 80% stable power output for the whole building and annual power generation of 730,000 kWh.

Intelligent energy collection system built within the factory enables the management department to exert real-time on-line monitoring of electricity. Data summary and analysis, in combination of recycling water, air compressor energy-saving transformation, laminating machine waste heat recovery and other measures, has greatly reduced energy consumption of office and factory in daily work.

Suntech balances material selection and manufacturing process in terms of technology and production scheduling. Take for example the newly released Ultra V Pro modules. Not only are the ratio of raw materials optimized, the proportion of green and recyclable materials such as recycled materials or renewable materials increased, but cyclic utilization of energy and resource is achieved by streamlining the process and technology while ensuring product performance.

While promoting green transformation, Suntech extends the concept of green development to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. In addition to comprehensive consideration of product design, procurement, production, packaging, logistics, sales, reuse and other links to boost energy conservation and environment protection, the company works with upstream and downstream enterprises to fulfill social responsibilities such as environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, co-building a green supply chain.

Following Wuxi and Changzhou bases, in 2023, Suntech Chuzhou base (Suntech Fengyang ) will come into operation. Suntech Fengyang will embrace the green concept, seeing every link of manufacturing reflect green environmental protection. It will adopt multi-channel recycling to reduce hazardous waste generation, upgrade the capacity of green factories and reduce energy consumption through clean production.

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